ScienceLogic Integration with PagerDuty

by ryan June 12, 2013 | 2 min read

ScienceLogic logoThe PagerDuty integrations machine is at full throttle! We’re proud to announce that PagerDuty now integrates with ScienceLogic, a powerful monitoring and management product for the data center and the cloud. With ScienceLogic’s centralized approach to monitoring and PagerDuty’s flexible on-call scheduling, it makes it easy to make sure that the correct person is notified whenever your system has an issue. Here are some of the key features with this new integration:

  • Automatic triggering and resolution of PagerDuty alerts
  • Synchronized acknowledgements between ScienceLogic and PagerDuty
  • Direct links from the PagerDuty web interface to your ScienceLogic website
  • A powerful and beautiful ScienceLogic dashboard

How to get started

To begin, you’ll want to sign-up for a free PagerDuty trial account. Next, follow the ScienceLogic Integration Guide.

How it works

Once an alert has been triggered within ScienceLogic, it will be sent to PagerDuty. Incidents that are acknowledged in PagerDuty it will be synchronized back to ScienceLogic (or vice-versa):

PagerDuty Acknowledged Incident
Additional details for the alert can be found after clicking on the Details link:

Incident Details

The Details pane will also provide you with a direct link back to your ScienceLogic web interface.

ScienceLogic also has a powerful dashboard that shows recent alerts along with some other powerful metrics.

ScienceLogic Dashboard

Should you run into any problems in getting your integration completed, please contact us at support [at] pagerduty [dot] com.