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PagerDuty Helps ServiceNow Users Shift From Queued to Real-Time Digital Operations

PagerDuty is excited to participate in ServiceNow’s Knowledge19 event in Las Vegas this week. As a ServiceNow Gold Technology Partner, this is an event our team looks forward to all year because it gives us a chance to connect with many of our shared customers who depend on ServiceNow for critical parts of their operations. This year is even more exciting for us since we’re launching the newest version of our ServiceNow integration for HybridOps teams.

What exactly do we mean by HybridOps though? Over the course of PagerDuty’s 10-year history, we’ve been able to provide real-time operations functionality to a wide variety of Ops teams: everything from network operations centers (NOCs) and central IT to DevOps and DevSecOps. These heterogeneous teams are inherently different but share some pretty important core tenets, like:

  • Democratizing knowledge across teams. Keep ITOps communicating with DevOps teams by using shared data, both during day-to-day operations and when something goes wrong.
  • Pragmatic, continuous improvement. Help teams incrementally and continuously improve their operations using common metrics, regardless of their operating model.
  • Accelerating digital transformation. Transform your organization by providing enterprise-wide visibility into digital operations, helping business leaders prioritize investments in technology and people.

The PagerDuty integration for ServiceNow uses these core tenets to help HybridOps teams drive real-time operations. The native ServiceNow integration means teams can augment their operational data set without leaving the familiar ServiceNow interface that they are comfortable using. This allows teams to use PagerDuty’s powerful incident response functionality from within ServiceNow—or in PagerDuty itself. The result is true “work where you are” functionality that streamlines incident response and frees up time for innovation so teams can operate at the speed of business.

Teams can also orchestrate robust incident response workflows from within ServiceNow. With our new integration, NOC and other first-line teams can now leverage PagerDuty and escalation policies created by DevOps teams from within the ServiceNow environment. This includes fully bi-directional syncing of incident state/priority, assignees, and groups between PagerDuty and the System of Record to reduce inefficiencies and keep everyone on the same page. Without leaving the ServiceNow interface, teams can reduce the mean time to resolution while minimizing the impact of digital disruptions.

PagerDuty also allows you to track status in real time from the ServiceNow interface across heterogeneous Ops teams. Users can easily do things like recruit additional responders or automate escalation paths. It’s also easy to automatically initiate a team conference bridge with PageDuty’s one-touch-to-join capabilities.

How PagerDuty Helps ServiceNow Users Drive Real-Time Digital Operations

Real-Time Incident Response
Drive cross-team incident response and track status in real time from the ServiceNow interface. Easily recruit additional responders from Assignment Groups and automate escalations.

Work Where You Are
A PagerDuty native integration means teams can augment their operational data set without leaving the familiar ServiceNow interface that they are comfortable using.

Connect People
Automatically initiate a team conference bridge with PagerDuty’s one-touch-to-join capabilities. Use Slack as a PagerDuty interface to drive real-time operations.

Empower NOC and First-Line Teams
Allow any team using ServiceNow to manage their own on-call schedules and automated escalations policies from within the ServiceNow environment.

Leverage IT Tools
Connect to the existing services and applications in your CMDB and service hierarchy. Easily connect to more than 300+ tools with PagerDuty integrations.

Deeper Configuration Control
Customizable field mappings, easy on-boarding of PagerDuty users with appropriate roles and permissions. Flexible sync options between platforms.

Sync With System of Record
Full bi-directional sync to the System of Record allows teams to work where they are and capture full, precise records of PagerDuty actions in ServiceNow incident history.

Beyond IT incidents
Drive security incident response, emergency change requests, and other critical workflows requiring real-time engagement.

See us at Knowledge19
Come see us at Booth #737 to see PagerDuty and our ServiceNow integration in action.