Automate Your Status Communication with PagerDuty and StatusCast

by Sam Lewis September 22, 2015 | 3 min read


Proactively Share Your Uptime

This is a guest post written by Alex Bloom, the CEO of StatusCast.

StatusCast is an application status page tool that allows you to proactively communicate uptime status to your end-users to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can use StatusCast to build a hosted status page in minutes and keep users informed with status updates via email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, HipChat etc.

StatusCast integrates with PagerDuty, an operations management platform, and communication platforms (see above) to make the process of sending these status updates even more efficient.

This provides transparency to your end-users, which helps to cultivate trust in your business relationship.

Drag and Drop Layout

Drag and Drop Layout

Integrating StatusCast with PagerDuty

For a full walkthrough on setting up the integration between StatusCast and PagerDuty, with screenshots, check out the support page for our integration.

Just as you can set up PagerDuty to send alerts to your team based on API data, you can set up StatusCast to send status updates to your user base, triggered by alerts from PagerDuty.

StatusCast achieves this through a webhook integration. You can choose which PagerDuty alerts in turn trigger alerts to your users, how those alerts get rephrased (so they are meaningful to your users), and which users they get sent to (based on impacted component, for instance).

In the background, StatusCast automatically sends these alerts out to subscribed users based on their self-reported preferred communication channel (e.g. email, Slack, SMS/text message, etc.).
As with all status updates in StatusCast, you can program alerts from PagerDuty to send immediately, to send automatically but with a time delay, or to require manual approval before being sent at all.

Share Your Uptime on a Status Page

Proactively Share Your Uptime on a Status Page

Next Steps

Our status pages are used by our customers to communicate with their user communities. They notify end-users of scheduled maintenance, unplanned disruptions in availability or performance, and other relevant news and updates.

By using StatusCast to integrate with your operations performance platform, this kind of communication becomes a win for both marketing (customer experience) and IT (one less distraction from what they do best).

Contact our team to learn more about how you can take the information your IT team relies on from PagerDuty and put it to work building trust and transparency with your end users as well. Or if status pages are a totally new concept to you, learn more about StatusCast here.