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Three Ways to Ramp Up Your Enterprise IT Operations Management

A well-constructed IT Operations management system will provide fast alert notification, prevent business-critical incidents, and automate the way teams address issues. What we are actually seeing in the field today, however, suggests that most Enterprise companies aren’t seeing these results, and could use some tweaks to their IT Operations  management approach.  According to a recent Forrester thought leadership paper, incident resolution practices are too often tactical and reactive, and this inhibits commercial success. Listed below are some ways to ramp up your IT Incident Management, based on observations we are seeing in IT organizations in the Enterprise space.

Get IT to Meet Business Service Quality Expectations

IT is expected to provide high performance and availability while maintaining quality of business services. Unfortunately, we are finding that Enterprise IT today cannot fully meet these criteria. This is a flaw: IT should be able to quickly address incidents, as well as guarantee reliable end user performance.

Make Sure IT Executives and IT Practitioners Agree

IT executives often believe that their current systems and tools are working just fine, but the people using those tools every day seem to feel differently. When surveyed, practitioners reported that they aren’t getting the most out of their tools, whereas executives claimed the opposite. It is crucial for stakeholders on all levels to agree on what their teams need in order to move forward on a productive path.

Focus Your Incident Resolution Strategy on Positive Outcomes and Addressing Issues Quickly

Implement an intelligent alert system that automates incident response, instantly notifies users, and provides feedback via analytics. This will not only help you ensure great quality business service, it will also put preventative measures in place to avoid recurrences in the future.

Want to hear more? Join our webinar on August 25, 2015 at 10am PST. PagerDuty Vice President of Product Jonathan Wilkinson, along with guest speaker Forrester Research Analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani, will be discussing the state of Enterprise IT incident resolution systems.

Topics include:

  • Key observations made from researching IT Organizations in the Enterprise
  • Shifts happening in businesses today that impact IT Organizations
  • How companies should evaluate their products in order to maintain a leg up in the sector

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