Connect Insights to Real-Time Action With PagerDuty Visibility

by Jeremy Bourque September 18, 2018 | 4 min read

Have you ever gotten that dreaded text from your boss: “The site is down”? Maybe you were meeting with a customer. Or having dinner with your family. Maybe you were presenting at a conference. Doesn’t matter. Whatever else you were doing, now you’re doing emergency incident communication too.

You check in with your team leads and confirm there is a problem. You let your boss know the response is under way. Then come the questions: Is it one part of the site that’s down or is it everything? Are all customers affected or just a few?

Until this is over, senior leadership and others in the business will look to you for updates and answers to their questions. You know the information is critical. From proactively reaching out to key customers, to suspending marketing campaigns driving traffic to a broken site, people throughout the organization need that information so they can respond appropriately.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. IT leaders in many organizations find themselves in this role during critical incidents. They understand both the technical and business contexts and can bridge the gap of understanding between them. So despite other demands on their time, they take on the role because it’s necessary and because there was no good alternative—until now.

Introducing PagerDuty Visibility

PagerDuty Visibility is a new product that bridges the gap between technical and business contexts. It provides a live, shared view of the operational status of your business services that everyone in your organization can understand. Additionally, it presents real-time performance indicators to directly show the customer and business impact when an incident occurs. Best of all, it’s available in our mobile apps so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

“PagerDuty Visibility replaces disparate tools and allows incident commanders to drive GE Digital toward a communication transformation. By separating the conversation between business stakeholders and technical teams, PagerDuty Visibility allows GE to manage business situational awareness without compromising incident triage momentum.”

Ben Hwang, GE Digital, Cloud Automation Leader

New Capabilities to Provide Real-Time Insights

With PagerDuty Visibility, we are introducing several new capabilities. The first of these, Business Services, offers a lightweight approach to mapping technical service dependencies to the business capabilities that they support. Business Services provide a higher-level view that is more useful to non-technical stakeholders while also bridging the terminology gap from technical service names, which can be opaque, to business service names that are meaningful to everyone.



The next new capability is Impact Metrics. A completely new type of integration for PagerDuty, each impact metric accepts a continuous stream of time-series data and provides a live view of that metric to characterize the health and performance of an associated business service. A handful of well-chosen metrics provides a clear view of business service health and convey the key information that stakeholders need to understand the impact of a major incident.


Together, Business Services and Impact Metrics support the new Visibility Dashboard in PagerDuty’s mobile apps. Now everyone can be on the same page with a shared, live view of business service status and customer impact during critical incidents.

But wait, there’s more! PagerDuty Visibility also includes the web-based Visibility Console (previously known as the Operations Command Console), which delivers situational awareness for events, incidents, responders, and technical services that many of our customers already rely on. Existing Operations Command Console add-on customers now have access to all the new PagerDuty Visibility functionalities at no additional cost.

PagerDuty is the only platform that provides both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences. Learn more about PagerDuty Visibility and check out our support knowledge base articles for more information about how the PagerDuty platform can help improve your digital operations.

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