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Visit PagerDuty’s Booths at KubeCon North America to learn more about our partner integrations

KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2021 are coming up. PagerDuty will be there live in person and live online!

The main conference will be running October 13-15, 2021. Our team is excited to be back in person for an event, so stop by our booth, S42, in the expo hall and say hello. If you can’t be there in person, we’d love to chat in our virtual booth too!

We’ve been preparing for KubeCon with our partners on our new Twitch channel, If you missed the live streams, don’t worry! We’ll be showcasing the partner shows in our booth, and they’ll be available on our Twitch Playlist on YouTube. PagerDuty has an extensive ecosystem of partner integrations, and we’ve been getting into the weeds with some of them who will also be at KubeCon. Sure, you can run Kubernetes without PagerDuty, but why would you?

We’ll be streaming our partner shows during the Office Hours in the virtual expo hall. Drop by and say hello, and check out some of these streams:


Teleport is a just-in-time solution for system access and role escalation. Teleport provides secure access for cloud applications and infrastructure that doesn’t get in the way. When implementing strict zero-trust rules you sometimes need to escalate and elevate privileges. By leveraging PagerDuty, you are able to alert the request and approve or deny system access. Using PagerDuty’s schedule feature, you are able to dynamically assign administrative privileges based on who’s on call. Teleport has some great features, like recording sessions and providing real-time session sharing among responders. Definitely worth checking out!

Check out Teleport’s integration for more information.

HashiCorp Terraform

Manage your PagerDuty account objects with Terraform! Reap all the benefits of infrastructure as code and give your teams the flexibility they need to manage their services in real time. As infrastructure stacks grow increasingly more complex and involve an ever-growing number of services and systems, teams have looked to abstract configuration to its own layer of code. This concept of configuring infrastructure as code is gaining traction throughout the industry for a variety of reasons.

Tools such as Terraform from HashiCorp have emerged as one of the leading ways to declaratively configure technology stacks. With benefits like saving significant time, keeping settings consistent, reducing the chance of introducing errors, and mitigating deviations between deployments, engineers can focus on building rather than configuring.

Check out HashiCorp’s Terraform integration to get started.


InfluxData is an Open Source Platform built for metrics and events This platform was purpose-built for time series data. The essential time series toolkit — dashboards, queries, tasks and agents all in one place. InfluxDB is even more programmable and performant with a common API across OSS, cloud and enterprise editions. Send events to PagerDuty to keep your teams informed.

Check out InfluxData’s integration.


LogDNA is log management at any scale. LogDNA’s Cloud logging platform helps your DevOps teams find and fix production issues faster so your teams can get back to doing what they do best, building amazing products. Send incident alerts from LogDNA directly to PagerDuty.

Check out LogDNA’s integration to get started.


Honeycomb delivers observability for modern engineering and DevOps teams to observe, debug, and improve production systems efficiently. The PagerDuty + Honeycomb integration uses Honeycomb Triggers to notify on-call responders based on alerts sent from Honeycomb. This integration is maintained and supported by Honeycomb.

Check out Honeycomb’s integration for more information.

Honeycomb also recently joined us on our podcast, Page it to the Limit. Check out our episode featuring Liz Fong-Jones, Charity Majors, and George Miranda.


Improve Reliability and Reduce Alert Fatigue with Gremlin and PagerDuty. Microservices and DevOps allow for rapid innovation and continuous improvement. However, these new approaches exponentially increase the complexity of systems. This means critical applications are failing today, causing financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, and employee burnout. As traditional quality assurance struggles to keep up with this complexity, innovative organizations have embraced controlled Chaos Engineering to proactively test for failure. With Gremlin and PagerDuty, you can safely run and automate real-world failure scenarios to build confidence that complex distributed systems will deliver an uninterrupted customer experience.

Check out Gremlin’s integration.

Win a prize!

We’ve partnered up with Dynatrace and JFrog this year to provide one lucky attendee with an excellent prize. Stop by our booths in the expo hall or visit to enter to win a prize pack featuring a Nintendo Switch console, a Kodak Luma 350 Smart Projector, Airpod Pros, an Apple Watch, and a Bose Soundlink Revolve II bluetooth speaker. Wow!

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