Enabling ITOps Incident Response Workflows in VMware Environments

by Ancy Dow August 29, 2016 | 3 min read

PagerDuty at VMworld 2016

As one of the first proponents and a longstanding leader in virtualization, VMware enables customers globally to manage their IT resources at scale by leveraging virtual IT components. If you’re a VMware customer, IT leader or practitioner, you’re likely supporting quite a number of applications for both your internal and external customers across several clouds and managing significant complexity across your software-defined data center.

As such, we’re incredibly excited to be at VMworld 2016 this week to showcase how PagerDuty fits into the VMware operations stack. PagerDuty brings value to VMware customers with 175+ native integrations for monitoring, ticketing, and automation tools. Customers can also easily integrate tools monitoring their VMware stack via email, our API, our Custom Event Transformer, or third-party services such as Solarwinds or Site24x7. This enables VMware customers to ensure the right responders get notified of critical incidents and are able to rapidly initiate the ideal response workflow for any system or service, whether it’s on-premises, virtualized, or in the cloud.

Below are some interesting use cases of leveraging VMware with PagerDuty that we look forward to sharing at VMworld 2016, and that you should try yourself today:

Integrate vCenter

vCenter simplifies deployment of new VMs, assists with resource allocation to achieve maximum efficiency in your virtual infrastructure and more — all from a single location. See our integration guide on how to send alerts from your vCenter Server to PagerDuty.

Integrate vRealize Operations Manager

Manage capacity utilization, application monitoring, and availability across vSphere, Hyper-V, AWS, and physical hardware, and send monitoring alerts to PagerDuty. This can be done with an email integration, and you can access it in the Integration dropdown within the PagerDuty Services interface.


Integrate vRealize Log Insights

Send your log data from Log Insights as alerts to PagerDuty, just as you would with Splunk, Sumo Logic, or Scalyr, via a simple email integration.

Integrate vRealize Automation with Chef/Puppet

Automate the provisioning of virtual infrastructure and application stacks with vRealize Automation, in tandem with orchestration, automation, and configuration management tools. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Saltstack all can be easily integrated with PagerDuty so that you can get notified on relevant monitoring alerts across the entire deployment and management lifecycle of your VMware virtualized data center resources and more.

Integrate VMware AirWatch

Admins and end users can receive alerts in PagerDuty related to events detected by AirWatch at the device-level, such as memory space capacity, addition/deletion of applications, data overages, lost devices, security breaches and more.

Integrate VMware Socialcast

This native integration will post a message to a dedicated Socialcast group whenever an event is triggered by your PagerDuty service for faster resolution. See our integration guide, and download it directly from the Socialcast integration store.


There is an extensive number of options how you can connect PagerDuty to each layer of your IT Operations stack — whether or not you use VMware tooling — to guarantee real-time delivery of your monitoring alerts and incident response.

If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by the PagerDuty booth (Booth #668) in the Solutions Exchange Expo. We’ll be handing out exclusive swag bags and prizes, doing live demos and answering any questions you might have. We look forward to seeing you there!

And for those of you in the Bay Area on Sept 13th, be sure to register now for your exclusive spot at our very own PagerDuty Summit, where industry leaders from Google, Linkedin, IBM, Yahoo, and more will share their key learnings for building a modern operations environment.