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What is Digital Operations Management?

Today, teams across every business function face continuously increasing pressures from both consumer expectations for perfection, as well as explosive volumes of data to harness and take action on. In the age of the experience economy, the brand value of an organization is only as good as its last, worst experience. And as software becomes the de facto medium through which people expect to buy, sell, learn, and connect, an organization’s ability to survive depends almost entirely on its speed of innovation and quality of digital services.

It’s a disrupt or be disrupted world. Failing to leverage data to act in real-time means increasingly high volumes of lost transactions, irreversibly lost opportunities, damaged brand reputation, security threats, and hits to employee productivity and retention.

That’s where Digital Operations Management comes in. Digital Operations Management brings together machine learning, automation, and DevOps-centric workflows to mobilize teams when it matters most. Check out this fun new video to see what Digital Operations Management looks like in action, and how it empowers every team across the enterprise to collectively take action on the most pressing problems and deliver better business results.

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