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Alert on the Internet of Everything

Our customers are natural tinkers and builders, and we’re excited to launch our integration with Temboo.

Many PagerDuty customers have found great success in using our solution to alert the right person and teams when issues occur in their systems and software. Some PagerDuty customers have been applying our alerting and on-call capabilities to other unique use cases such as creating an on-call rotation for roommate chores and sending alerts when trees are illegally cut down.

Temboo offers a unique programming platform that normalizes access to 100+ APIs, databases, and code utilities to give developers the ability to connect to other applications without all the headache.

APIs are powerful, but require maintenance

Applications aren’t useful when they are siloed. APIs are a common set of requirements to help disparate applications to talk with one another. For developers, the need to maintain these integrations and keep up with API documentation is a hassle. Temboo sits on top of APIs to abstract the complexity from managing and integrating with other applications. With Temboo, you can generate just a few lines of code in the programming language of your choice from your browser, and use those few lines to easily incorporate the benefits of over 2000 API processes into your project.

Helping makers connect

Arduino is an open-source, lightweight computer designed to provide an easy way for makers to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. The uses of Arduino are endless. With the ability to sense the environment, tinkers have created robots, thermostats, and motion detectors from scratch. Temboo partners with Arduino to make it easier for projects to interact with web applications. With Temboo, every Arduino can easily grab data and interact with web-based services like Fitbit, Facebook, Google, and now PagerDuty. Temboo’s integration with PagerDuty (aka PagerDuty Choreos) will make it easier for Arduino and other hardware to trigger PagerDuty alerts.


For example, if you really want to buy a drone on eBay and want to get real-time alerts when it is listed, with Temboo’s eBay and PagerDuty Choreos, you can do just that. Or if you want to receive an alert whenever the humidity in your greenhouse dips below a certain level, you can use Temboo’s PagerDuty Choreos for that, too. Or even if you just want an alert every time the weather at the beach is warm enough to go swimming, Temboo and PagerDuty can take care of that as well–all this and more can be done with just a few short lines of code thanks to Temboo’s integration with PagerDuty.

Let your imagination take you far and away. Read this integration guide to start connecting PagerDuty with the Internet of Everything.