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Integrate with HipChat in Less than 60 Seconds

The PagerDuty and HipChat extension empowers responders to collaborate to resolve issues directly from their chat window

Several weeks ago, we released our updated HipChat extension. Our team is excited to have built the v2 HipChat extension from scratch to support great new functionality that brings more speed, productivity, and efficiency to modern dev and operations teams. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started.

Set up the extension

Setting up the integration is a seamless flow that doesn’t require you to copy/paste integration keys, or bounce between browser tabs.

If you like lists, here’s a quick play-by-play:

  1. First, sign in at [yoursubdomain] and go to Configuration > Extensions.
  2. Next, find the HipChat card and click Add/Edit.
  3. After that, select the PagerDuty services you’d like to receive HipChat updates about and click Add to HipChat Room.
  4. Next, you’ll be directed to your HipChat Integrations page — enter your HipChat login credentials when prompted.
  5. Select the HipChat room where you’d like to receive incident updates and click Continue, then Approve.

All done! Incident updates will now appear in the HipChat room you selected.

If you like videos, here’s a walk-through demo of how to set up the HipChat integration:

The integration in action

Now that you’ve set up the extension, let’s see how it looks in practice. You’ll receive triggered, acknowledged, and resolved updates in the HipChat room whenever an incident triggers on a linked service. Updates are color-coded to give a quick visual indication of where an incident is in its lifecycle: 

  • red = triggered
  • yellow = ack’ed
  • green = resolved

Real-time incident updates are great, but what about taking action on an incident? You can ack or resolve incidents in the HipChat sidebar, so there’s no need to reach for your phone or sign in to the PagerDuty web app. This keeps your focus where it’s needed most so you can concentrate on resolving the issue.

In addition to taking action on an incident in the sidebar, there are some slash commands to make it even easier for responders to update one or more incidents at a time. You can even trigger a PagerDuty incident in HipChat! Enter /pd help in a linked HipChat room for a list of commands and usage examples.

The new HipChat extension is easier than ever to set up and use. You can also look forward to more up-and-coming integrations that are unidirectional, with no key set up, and which support convenient slash commands.