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How PagerDuty Helps Manage Hybrid Infrastructure and Complex Ops Across Industries

If there’s one thing we learned from the 80+ sessions from Summit 2021, it’s that across the industries, companies are continuing to accelerate innovation in a bid to meet growing customer expectations of always-on services across all channels.

In financial services, disrupting traditional banking or rethinking access to advisory services comes with operational and regulatory challenges. Organizations also have to pay extra attention to security threats, and bridge hybrid operating models to maintain legacy systems that will always stay on-premises. Despite these challenges, financial services technical teams are increasingly looking to leverage technology-enabled automation to free up critical time and resources to deliver better experiences for their end users.

This is not unlike similar challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry. Investing in applications and web-based experiences alongside connecting healthcare professionals with their patients remotely took a great leap forward in the last 18 months, doubling down on a trend that startups had already begun to pick away at: the modern consumer prefers digital services and remote access.

And it’s not just the consumers: industrial enterprises have caught up. Digital transformation involving cloud migration, big data, and IoT have taken everything from manufacturing to automotive to supply chain operations by storm. From self-organizing factories to smart trucking, Industry 5.0 is well within reach. However, with more data and systems at play, increased alert noise and higher risk of incidents are inevitable.

We’ve highlighted a few talks from Summit 2021 to showcase the incredible diversity in use cases across a variety of industries where PagerDuty customers demonstrate how they are using PagerDuty to manage complex infrastructure in an ever-changing environment while delivering customer-first experiences in real time.

Bridging Hybrid Infrastructure and Operating Models in Financial Services

In his talk, “Hybrid Operations: Service Ownership and a Centralized Command Center,” IHS Markit’s Director of Observability John Kennedy shares how his team has been working with PagerDuty to gain full observability across hybrid operations and manage incidents from a centralized command center.

PagerDuty has supported IHS Markit in moving towards full service ownership in line with the company’s cloud migration, and is empowering the centralized command center to provide support, awareness, and visibility to all business and technical stakeholders.

Worldline company Ingenico provides payments services and ecommerce solutions to businesses and banks globally. In “PagerDuty at the heart of Ingenico’s PaaS (Platform as a Service),” Head of Infrastructure at Worldline Ingenico Julien Scotté explains how PagerDuty acts as the consolidated monitoring to Ingenico’s support teams, all of which sit under DevOps and SRE models.

The teams have embedded incident response into Ingenico’s way of working with a full end-to-end automation layer. PagerDuty has also enabled Ingenico to improve its MTTR and MTTA, increase visibility to stakeholders, and reduce alert noise.

Connecting Patients, Data, and Providers in Healthcare

Cambridge Cognition is working to improve mental wellbeing through technology used within research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare organizations worldwide. In his talk, “Paradigm shift: Saving lives by thinking differently,” Chief Technology Officer Ricky Dolphin explains how Cambridge Cognition is using PagerDuty in a medical capacity to improve suicide prevention.

**Trigger Warning: the Cambridge Cognition session mentions the topic of suicide and self-injurious behaviors.

Traversing healthcare and the non-profit space, supported three healthcare non-profit organizations working in time-critical health, including Nexleaf Analytics. In the “Product + People for Nonprofits” session, Nisha Kadaba and Lyon Lay from PagerDuty join Marym Mohammady, Medical Equipment Program Manager at Nexleaf, to discuss how Nexleaf is using PagerDuty to adopt incident response best practices through on-call management and event automation capabilities. They also explain how the nonprofit is leveraging digital signals from IoT power monitoring devices to alert health clinic staff of power outages impacting critical healthcare equipment.

Taking Industrial Enterprises to the Next Level with IoT

In “Migrating to L1 support to PagerDuty,” Nav Palba, Engineering Manager at global shipping company Maersk, explains how his team is working with PagerDuty to transition from operating with an L1 support team to an efficient operations support model.

Maersk implemented PagerDuty as part of a major reorganization with the goal of maximizing uptime and reducing incident recovery times. His team has achieved outstanding results—they’ve managed to cut average end-to-end resolution times from 57 minutes to about 13 minutes, which, if you extrapolate out across multiple alerts, is a staggering saving.

Siemens Healthineers is a leading global medical technology provider based in Germany. It is using PagerDuty across the IoT to enable healthcare providers to focus on transforming care delivery, improving the patient experience, and digitalizing healthcare through AI-supported applications and digital offerings.

In “PagerDuty in Healthcare – When Reliability Is A Lifesaver,” Digital Operations and Partner Manager at Siemens Healthineers Oliver Lindemayr discusses how PagerDuty has supported the company in shifting to a self-reliant engineering model, and how system reliability and availability can truly save lives.

Uptime is Money: PagerDuty Empowers Customers to Deliver High Availability and Seamless Customer Experiences

PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. Our real-time operations platform enables technical teams across industries to empower infrastructure and system reliability and scale, improve visibility and control across a diverse ecosystem, and drive operational maturity from reactive to preventative.

The sessions we’ve surfaced in this blog are just a sample of the use cases our customers are bringing to life everyday on the PagerDuty platform. Check out Summit 2021 On Demand to view keynotes, breakout sessions, product demos, and lightning talks covered at our flagship event.

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