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IDC Value Assessment Tool: How Much Value You Could Get With PagerDuty

Many IT vendors claim to provide value and help organizations strengthen their digital operations, but we wanted to go a step further and quantify our true business value. We recently commissioned a study1 with leading analyst firm IDC to capture and measure what kinds of results our customers are able to achieve by using our platform.

Based on 14 interviews, the IDC Business Value White Paper’s study found that, on average, PagerDuty customers are gaining an annual benefit of $3.48 million per organization. This results in a three-year ROI of 795%, and a payback period of 2.1 months when deploying PagerDuty for digital operations management.

The report also revealed key business benefits that the PagerDuty digital operations management platform offers, including the ability to:

  • Enable better incident response communications and improve efficiency, alignment, and productivity across disparate teams
  • Integrate incident management within business teams, such as customer service, empowering them to deliver a better digital experience
  • Reduce the frequency and risk of outages, which leads to higher employee productivity and less revenue loss
  • Focus on higher-value projects, such as developing new applications and features, using time saved from fewer cycles spent firefighting

A New Value Assessment Tool

We also launched a business value assessment tool with IDC that calculates specific benefits you can realize for your organization with PagerDuty. All you need to do is complete a quick survey about the IT user profile of your organization, an overview of the applications your organization manages, the scope of your IT team, and how your teams respond to IT issues.

From there, we’ll give you a personalized report of the specific benefits your organization can expect when you adopt the PagerDuty platform, including:

  • Average annual benefits in productivity gains
  • How long it takes to see payback on your investment
  • Your expected reduction in time to troubleshoot incidents
  • How much additional revenue you can protect through a reduction in digital incidents
  • How much more efficient DevOps and Customer Service teams can be
  • How many additional new applications you could develop

These metrics are intrinsic to the long-term potential of your business. They’ll help you plan better for the future and demonstrate how investing in PagerDuty directly links to business success. Our customers find that once they start using PagerDuty, they are better positioned to focus on value-generating activities that matter.

When you add it all up, we think you’ll be surprised at the potential benefits waiting to be realized by your organization. . So if you’re not currently using PagerDuty, there’s nothing to lose by taking five minutes to see the benefits for yourself.

Check out the PagerDuty Value Assessment Snapshot Tool today.

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