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PagerDuty Debuts as a Leader in 2022 GigaOm Radar for AIOps Solutions

Every year there is a surprise in a Radar report. While it won’t be a surprise to our thousands of customers who are seeing tremendous benefits with us, PagerDuty is excited to be named a Leader in the 2022 GigaOm Radar for AIOps Solutions.

GigaOm uses extensive criteria to evaluate vendors in their Radar. From the report: “This year we’re distinguishing AIOps solutions that require displacing existing tools from those that can be added to the IT tool box without major disruption.” This was one of the keys to PagerDuty being positioned as a Leader and rated Outstanding on Tool Displacement

Time to value and total cost of ownership have long been a hallmark of Pagerduty’s business value. Customers can trust PagerDuty to help them rapidly maximize the value of their existing systems without having to rip and replace. 

Our SaaS platform delivers simplified setup, snap-on integrations, and easy-to-use event routing and enrichment that were all important to our Outstanding score for Ease of Implementation. 

Diagram of GigaOm AIOps Radar Report

With more than 650 integrations, PagerDuty was rated as Exceptional on Data Consumption, System Integration, and Cloud Monitoring. This breadth of capabilities ensures that practitioners get quick time to value with virtually no customization required. The UI, Terraform, and API providers allow subject matter experts to leverage all their data sources – monitoring, CI/CD, DevOps, Security, BizOps, etc. to create the context needed for even new team members to rapidly solve problems.

Our Event Orchestration allows for simple yet powerful routing, enrichment, and automated responses to problems. By moving away from massive, complex rule bases to simplified node-based graph routing, SRE and DevOps teams can control exactly how they want to use events to create context, provide diagnostics, and automatically resolve problems where appropriate. The simple graphical interface provides for easy experimentation, while the underlying Terraform provider enables self-service capabilities, removing the burden from a centralized team. This holistic self-service capability was highlighted in our Outstanding rating for Manageability.

GigaOm recognized the advantage of an automation-first approach to AIOps. Our Rundeck and Catalytic acquisitions have enabled our platform to offer comprehensive automation integration across the platform in the form of built-in Automation Actions and flexible workflows. Balancing workloads between your humans and your machines is critical to maintaining productivity and preventing burnout. Leveraging automation as the first responder in incident resolution can remove toil and accelerate time to resolution. In cases where a responder is not required,  common problem signatures can be identified and handled at machine-speed with automated remediation. But no, the machines are not coming for our jobs: while auto-remediation can handle a small percentage of well-understood fixes, more often than not automation can serve as a second pair of hands to augment responders at the center of incident response and investigation.

Although this is only our first year in the Radar, we have built on the past several years’ success with Event Intelligence and are committed to growing capabilities for our customers to deliver new business outcomes. We are on track to process 20 billion+ events for clients this year. By leveraging our many years of data as a SaaS platform to understand how clients reduce noise and resolve problems, we have been able to grow machine learning, automation, and analytics allowing teams to focus on keeping production running and delivering better solutions. 

Read the report for yourself here and learn more about PagerDuty’s solution for AIOps here.