PagerDuty Earns “Best Workplaces in the Bay Area” Recognition

by Victoria Payne June 15, 2022 | 5 min read

Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine have named PagerDuty one of this year’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area (we were certified as one of the best places to work in the United States in 2020 and 2021). The award is based on an annual U.S. workforce study of more than one million. In the survey, 91% of PagerDuty employees said we are a great place to work, compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S. based company.

We’re extremely proud of this award because it is reflective of our amazing people and special culture. A people-driven culture is in our DNA. Our employees own their work, career growth, and development, with support from a global team. We take pride in putting users first, while enjoying the freedom to learn, create, and take risks. 

But what actually makes PagerDuty so special?  

A company where culture counts 

As we’ve grown  – over 40% since March 2020 – we’ve never strayed from our People First mindset, and have been intentional about preserving the strongest parts of our culture, while evolving it to achieve our desired future state, aligned to the direction of our business and the needs of our customers. 

To do this, we formed our Culture and Strategy team at the beginning of this year. The mission of the Culture and Strategy team is to increase employee engagement throughout the entire employee lifecycle through intentional listening, activating our company values and practices, and communicating our employee value proposition to employees, customers, and partners. 

Cultivating a strong and sustainable company culture, especially when employees are distributed, was never a ‘nice to have’ for us, but a company imperative to connect employees to our goals, purpose, vision and mission, and each other. As we continue to grow and scale, rooting our behaviors, norms and people in our values is essential. 

Employee experience is a shared responsibility between the organization, our leaders and employees, and the Culture and Strategy team. Through its key pillars: listening, engagement, communications, the team is driving key programs and initiatives that support its mission and drive lasting change across the business. 

Supporting Dutonians outside of work 

We all felt the tectonic shift to working remotely – virtually no one was immune to the challenges of balancing work with family in a shared working space, assisting children with virtual learning, coping with isolation, and burnout. We knew we needed to adapt our benefits to help employees cope and thrive outside of the workplace.

We added new mental health services to our existing Employee Assistance Programs, including 24/7 emotional support, live behavioral coaching, and counseling. We also introduced Dutonian Wellness Days and Wellness Week – company-wide paid time off where all employees can unplug and recharge – and added paid time off for COVID-19 related illness and caregiving needs beyond what legislation required. 

Being your “whole self” both inside and outside of work is a core PagerDuty value. That’s why these and other offerings to support employee mental wellness and work-life balance will continue indefinitely. 

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

At PagerDuty, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) is central to our commitment to a workplace where everyone belongs and can succeed. The ability to bring yourself to work is core to our business strategy, and our long-term success requires that we build a workforce and culture representative of all the various communities and identities we serve. 

ID&E is also critical to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) give underrepresented communities a greater sense of inclusion and belonging. 

Social Impact

Our impact extends far beyond our company. Through, we help activate Dutonians as agents of change across myriad communities. For example:

  • We provide 20 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) annually for employees to volunteer, vote or participate in nonpartisan voter engagement, and we offer giving credits for new hires, employees who log 5+ volunteer hours annually, and on each Giving Tuesday.
  • We lead monthly volunteer events, focused on advancing equity and justice and helping our nonprofit customers expand their reach 
  • We run a global council of impact ambassadors, and partner closely with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) through volunteering, match campaigns, and an ERG grant program. 
  • In 2020, 93% of Dutonians gave back through volunteering or financial contributions, totaling 2,860+ tracked volunteer hours for 110+ organizations, and nearly $196,000 donated through employee contributions and our employee matching program

We also launched a technical skill-based volunteer initiative to help PagerDuty grant partners and customers implement our platform in their mission-critical work. Working with partners like TrekMedics, PagerDuty plays a pivotal role in curing delays and improving outcomes in emergency response and healthcare for the most underserved populations. 

PagerDuty enables the right response at the right moment. We do this for our customers every day, and we also strive to do the same for our employees. It’s no wonder we’ve been recognized as one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area, and in the entire country and world as we extend our international presence.  

By supporting each other, caring about people’s lives outside of our jobs, and encouraging everyone to celebrate diversity and be their true selves, we are sure to remain a Great Place to Work for a very long time! Interested in working at PagerDuty? We’re hiring across the business.