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PagerDuty Named a Leader in the Latest G2 Grid for AIOps Platforms

by Heath Newburn January 12, 2022 | 3 min read

At PagerDuty, we are committed to championing the customer — it’s a core company value. Our product has to provide great value, we have to provide excellent service, and we need to make it simple to do business with us. 

The Winter 2022 G2 Grid for AIOps Platforms Relationship Index showcases these values and highlights PagerDuty as a leading player in the AIOps space.

As the AIOps landscape continues to evolve, PagerDuty is focused on expediting our customer’s success in creating more intelligent, automated operations. By taking a domain-agnostic approach that builds on strategic investments, rather than requiring a rip and replace mindset, we are furthering the success that organizations have made in observability and other monitoring tools. PagerDuty focuses on building upon existing strategic capabilities within an organization instead of retooling and looking for marginally better outcomes to align with workflows and deliver incredible value.

Our customers count on PagerDuty to get the right information to the right people at the right time when seconds count. The acceleration of AIOps capabilities have continued to expedite the delivery of that promise

New capabilities we’ve introduced in the AIOps space since last year’s report include:

  • Adding Rundeck capabilities for automation and orchestration to allow teams to safely execute self-service operations
  • Integrating change events from a handful of systems to virtually any configuration or deployment tool for context and situational awareness
  • Expanding mobile capabilities by integrating views for past incidents and change events
  • Increasing event throughput by  40x
  • Introducing event orchestration to simplify rules management and create complex nested logic with relative ease
  • Launching graphical service mapping to make it easier to understand the impact of events and incidents to services
  • Delivering Probable Cause to guide teams to specific services as starting points for problem resolution and shorten MTTR

PagerDuty is focusing on driving the Action in Actionable Intelligence to deliver on our AIOps promise. With PagerDuty’s AIOps solution, teams don’t have to wait for a multi-year implementation–PagerDuty can help solve pain points right now: 

  • We help teams make better, data driven decisions because our solution is easy to get started with quick time to value, no data scientists required. We do this by providing deep insights into services, responders, incidents, monitoring, etc. allowing teams to make better operational decisions without having to be experts on the platform. Right away, teams can benefit from ML and data science algorithms we’ve developed with our unique dataset to enjoy reduced noise, faster root cause analysis, and more automation.
  • We democratize the platform to deliver self-service operations with decentralized configuration tailored for distributed teams and hybrid operating models.  Whether providing central IT teams with an easy button to trigger diagnostics and autoremediation or “You Build It, You Own It”devops teams with a streamlined way to troubleshoot root cause, PagerDuty’s AIOps offering fits seamlessly into any tech stack with over 600 integration partners.
  • We drive to the next best action throughout the incident response lifecycle, with built-in automation. We’re designed for critical work – whether it’s Event Orchestration to cut down on manual processing by providing fewer, smarter nested rules, surfacing probable cause and relevant changes right in line with incident details, or leveraging Rundeck to create fewer escalations and automate incident resolution.

For more information on our AIOps solution, click here.