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Set Yourself Up for Success in 2018

As we approach the end of 2017, let’s celebrate all our successes, reflect on what we’ve learned, and get ready to make next year better than the last.

We welcome you to join us as we do just that in our last webinar to close out the year. In this special edition of PagerDuty Pulse, we’ll be recapping top product innovations we released in 2017, and share live demos and best practices on how to get the most out of your PagerDuty environment for 2018.

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll be covering. By bolstering your operations in the following areas, you’ll be empowered to focus on what matters, and improve both service quality and the health and happiness of your teams.

Turn Chaotic Data into Insights and Automation

David Shackelford, who heads up our Event Intelligence team, will be sharing actionable ways to surface the right machine and human context when it matters most. With practical machine learning-based methods, he’ll demonstrate how to improve signal:noise so you have all the right data at your fingertips when an urgent issue strikes, but are sleeping through the night otherwise.

Learn how you can centralize, manage, and automate event behavior at scale to extract signal from the noise using:

  • Automated alert grouping
  • Similar incidents
  • Event routing

Do Major Incident Response the Right Way

Paul Rechsteiner, who leads Incident Response discovery and tooling, will share what top operations teams do when they mobilize during critical, customer-impacting incidents. By adopting best practice approaches to assess, resolve, and learn from issues, you’ll turn wasted time and anxiety-ridden chaos into automation and efficient cross-functional coordination when it matters most.

Leverage the best-in-class, end-to-end incident lifecycle for effective, automated response to the most critical incidents with:

  • Incident priority
  • Response plays & stakeholder engagement
  • Postmortems
  • ITSM integrations

Create Real-Time Workflows Across Any Tool

You’ll also learn about powerful new APIs as well as best-in-class integrations to chat and collaboration solutions. With new extensibility tools, you can customize the ideal toolchain, automate tasks and execute custom logic outside of PagerDuty (such as troubleshooting actions during incidents), and democratize access to real-time data that is necessary during real-time response.

Count on best-in-class API support to automate tasks and customize your ideal workflow:

  • Events API v2
  • New API endpoints
  • ChatOps integrations

We look forward to sharing all of this with you and more in PagerDuty Pulse next week. Click below to register and let us help you supercharge your operations for the new year.