Our Top 4 Favorite Blog Posts of 2017

by Evelyn Chea December 29, 2017 | 2 min read

It’s the end of another exciting year at PagerDuty! A few top highlights include raising $43.8 million in a Series C funding round, officially launching in London and Australia, and witnessing the first solar eclipse since 1979.  

We also published a lot of good information—so as we wrap up the year, we thought we’d share our top five favorite blog posts of 2017, starting with two that take a look back at PagerDuty’s early days.  

4. 3x in 3 Years: Scaling an Engineering Organization

In this post, our Engineering Manager Roman Shekhtmeyster writes about the struggles that come with a fast-growing engineering team, including silos and multiple organizational restructurings, as well as lessons learned.

3. Failure Fridays: Four Years On

Our Head of DevOps Eric Sigler dives into PagerDuty’s history of Failure Fridays, a weekly practice in which we inject faults into our production environment in a controlled manner (and without customer impact) so we can verify our resiliency engineering efforts.

2. Better Incident Postmortems

Have you ever spent hours putting together an incident postmortem? Product Owner Paul Rechsteiner provides a step-by-step guide (with screenshots!) on how to make the most out of PagerDuty postmortems, so you can construct a timeline in minutes and conduct analyses according to best practices.

1. Open-Sourcing Our Incident Response Documentation

Rich Adams, Senior Engineer for Security and Incident Response, explains in this post who should use our open-sourced Incident Response Documentation and provides a quick overview of subjects covered, including best practices, how to handle major incidents, how to train engineers to go on-call, and much more.

That’s it—our top favorite blogs of 2017! Do you have any favorites we didn’t mention? Share with us in the comments!