Virtual Summit Heads to the UK

by Steve Barrett January 10, 2018 | 3 min read

Virtual Summit is heading to the UK! Just like its sister event in the U.S., Virtual Summit UK has a packed lineup of practitioners and thought leaders to help equip you with the skills and insight you need to build your business of tomorrow.

With two brilliant tracks, we have content for everyone—from executives to developers. You’ll learn how to make your organisation more successful in the digital world by transforming your operations and hear how the best are reimagining it for the future. Our lineup includes leaders from AWS, Intuit, Gainsight, Stripe, Slack, Dropbox, and many more. See the lineup and sessions and start building out your own agenda—or check out some of our favorite sessions.

There are only a couple of weeks to go before the two-day event kicks off on 23 January, so be sure to register now to save your spot. And trust us—you don’t want to miss this virtual event. We already shared three reasons you don’t want to miss Virtual Summit, but today, we want to spotlight a couple of sessions and speakers unique to Virtual Summit UK:

Sky Betting

PagerDuty at Sky Betting | Rachel Watson, Head of Service Operations, Sky Betting & Gaming

Sky Betting serves over 1.7 million consumers and pushes 50+ million daily content updates—this means meeting massive demands for scale is mission-critical to business success. Rachel Watson, Sky Betting’s Head of Service Operations, shares how the company employed a tribe model and implemented technologies like PagerDuty to ensure 24×7 availability and performance of all its services—all while optimising team autonomy and agility.


Fireside Chat With Deliveroo | Amy Harms, Engineering Manager, Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a London-based global company that brings world’s local restaurants into everyone’s home or office—fast. Serving 150 cities across 12 countries, Deliveroo operates fully in the cloud. The company places customers at the forefront of what they do, and to help ensure customer satisfaction, the company built DevOps into its operational DNA.

Join us for this fireside chat to hear how Amy Harms and her platform engineering team embrace challenges as they relate to digital operations, including the importance of orchestrating people across the entire business and numerous functions to handle major business-impacting incidents. You’ll learn how to take good incident management to another level and see how Deliveroo has evolved two parallel sides of the business while keeping them tightly integrated. Harms also shares how you can communicate more effectively where it matters most in order to improve your digital operations, as well as how you should broaden your assessment of business implications to improve overall business health.

By registering for the event, you’ll have unlimited access to all the sessions across both tracks—pick the topics most important to you and drill down into sessions that are perfect for your role, industry, or job function.