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Virtual Summit Pre-Reg Is Open!

Virtual Summit is back and pre-registration is officially open! On January 23, we’re unlocking on-demand sessions to help you get operations right in 2018. RSVP to reserve your spot now and we’ll send you a reminder when the sessions go live.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from engineers on the front line, tech business leaders, and PagerDuty experts. New sessions are being added daily, so check back for more!

What Is Virtual Summit?

Virtual Summit consists of curated sessions from PagerDuty Summit SF, as well as brand-new content from customers, partners, industry experts, and more.

Why Attend?

You’ll walk away with actionable insights to take your operations to new heights with tried-and-true DevOps best practices, digital transformation strategies from leading organizations, and much more.

Getting operations right is nothing short of mission-critical to keeping your app, service, and your business up and running. When an issue strikes, it negatively impacts everything from your customer’s experience and trust in your ability to deliver, to your team’s job satisfaction as a result of being burdened with unplanned work. Operations is no longer just about keeping the lights on—it’s about building the foundation that allows us all to do our best work, to constantly improve, and to increase the pace of innovation without sacrificing reliability.

Virtual Summit sessions will show you how to transform your operations to turn a highly complex universe of data into real-time action and opportunity, with stories from real people who have achieved success in their journeys.

Who Should Attend?

Regardless of whether you’re an executive or in development, IT operations, or customer support, you can gain insights on how to build your digital business of tomorrow with best practices and cutting-edge technology that enable you to deliver amazing customer experiences

Some of Our Favorite Sessions Include:

  • Incident Response Best Practices.Join Stripe’s Susan Fowler as she uncovers learnings from a survey of 30 leading Bay Area companies to help you fine-tune your team’s incident response process.
  • Leading Transformation in a Digital World. Sit down with leaders from Intuit, Gainsight, Symantec, and EchoSign as they share lessons learned while facing digital transformation challenges.
  • Apprentices of Scale. Get insight from Slack’s Ops team on how they learned to cope, scale, and thrive as the software took off.
  • How to be a Digital Game-Changer in an Analog World. Hear from Firaas Rashid about his experience driving IT and DevOps transformation when he was  Director and Head of Production of International Wealth Management at Credit Suisse.
  • The Business Case for DevOps. Leaders from Dropbox, Staples, and PagerDuty share the real value that organizations get from undergoing a DevOps transformation.
  • …many more!

Register once and get access to all the sessions. You’ll be able to watch them on-demand at your own convenience. Once you’ve registered, we recommend you bookmark the page and keep coming back for more!