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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss Virtual Summit

Virtual Summit is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited! With only a couple of weeks to go, we thought we’d share three reasons why you should attend Virtual Summit on January 23.

Trust us—you don’t want to miss out on this virtual event!

1. It’s Time to Reimagine Operations

Operations is no longer just about keeping the lights on. Times have changed, and it’s now more important than ever to make sure your operations is capable of being the foundation that enables everyone to constantly improve, do their best work, and focus on how they can increase the pace of innovation without sacrificing reliability.

Whether you’re an executive or part of the development, IT operations, or customer support team, you’ll gain insights at Virtual Summit on how to build your business with best practices and cutting-edge technology so your organization can deliver amazing customer experiences.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success

With two awesome tracks, we have content for everyone. From hands-on, technical content to leadership-driven best practices, we have curated on-demand sessions from engineers on the front line, tech business leaders, and PagerDuty experts to help you discover tried-and-true DevOps best practices and overcome the challenges of digital transformation. You’ll  learn how to make your business more successful in the digital world by transforming your operations and hear how the best are reimagining it for the future. Our lineup includes leaders from AWS, Intuit, Gainsight, Stripe, Slack, Dropbox, and many more! See the lineup and sessions and start building out your own agenda—or check out some of our favorite sessions.

3. Watch at Your Convenience

Virtual Summit is an online, on-demand event, which means you can watch at your convenience from anywhere. By registering for the event, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the sessions across both tracks. You can pick the topics that are most important to you and drill down into sessions that are perfect for your role, industry, or job function.

So what are you waiting for? Register for Virtual Summit and we’ll send you a reminder when all the sessions are live and available for viewing.