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What’s New: Updates to PagerDuty® Process Automation Software & PagerDuty® Runbook Automation, Integrations, and More!

by Vera Chan August 31, 2022 | 8 min read

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Recent development and app updates from the product team include PagerDuty® Process Automation, our Partner Integrations and App Ecosystem, as well as Community & Advocacy Events updates. We continue to help customers automate everywhere to optimize cloud operations and reduce the amount of issues escalated to other teams. Get started now and:

PagerDuty® Process Automation

PagerDuty® Process Automation Software and PagerDuty® Runbook Automation Version 4.5.0

The latest PagerDuty(R) Process Automation Version 4.5.0 includes the following:

  • New Sumo Logic Job Step Plugin: Now Sumo Logic users can automate operational tasks – such as retrieving logs for incident diagnostics–by integrating with a Sumo Logic instance.
  • AWS ECS Node Executor Plugin: Users can now run commands across multiple ECS containers in a single Job Step or from the Commands tab. This makes it easier to accomplish tasks–such as retrieving time-critical diagnostics during an incident before containers are redeployed. 

View the highlights and learn about additional updates and fixes to plugins and more.

Upgrades, fixes, and package updates are also available for the Rundeck Open Source Product. You can learn more about them and view our public pull requests in GitHub.

Learn more about the Nessie Orchid Tower Release (4.5.0), August 10, 2022.

Partner Integrations & App Ecosystem

PagerDuty App for Jira Data Center: Annual Marketplace App Recertification

If you’ve already integrated PagerDuty with Jira Data Center to tackle critical service requests and accelerate incident resolution with bi-directional sync between Jira Server issues and PagerDuty incidents, we have great news for you! We have also officially re-certified the PagerDuty App for Jira Data Center for another year, maintaining our Data Center Approved Status in the Atlassian marketplace.

Learn more about the app in the knowledge base

PagerDuty App for Jira Cloud: New Option to Display PagerDuty on Jira Cloud Sidebar Available This September

  • New Jira Cloud customers will not see PagerDuty displayed on the sidebar by default for all Jira Projects.
  • Existing Jira Cloud project admins have the ability to hide or display PagerDuty on the Jira sidebar per project.

(Featured above: PagerDuty sidebar disbled in Jira Cloud)

(Featured above: PagerDuty sidebar enabled in Jira Cloud)

If you have any questions, please reach out to your PagerDuty account team or Customer Support (support@pagerduty.com).

PagerDuty App for BMC Helix/Remedy: Transfer of Ownership to Partner KTSL

PagerDuty has transferred ownership of the BMC Helix/Remedy integration over to the BMC Elite partner known as KTSL-who specializes in service management and integration expertise. Going forward, KTSL will build and support the integration.

(Featured above: PagerDuty Demo from Andrew North on Vimeo)

Product Deprecations

Please take note and keep your teams informed of our upcoming product deprecations.

Event Rules EOL & Migration to Event Orchestration

PagerDuty has decided to EOL (end-of-life) Event Rules on January 31, 2023. We have made this decision to ensure that we are dedicating our resources toward building the most robust and reliable event-driven enrichment and automation experience for our customers. Event Orchestration was released earlier this year as the next evolution of Event Rules, and it is now the best way for users to compress rule volumes, improve noise reduction, and more effectively automate away well-understood manual work.

We have plenty of migration paths to support this EOL. Additionally on the EOL date, we will auto-migrate any remaining event rules you are using to Event Orchestrations, one-to-one. From then on, you’ll be able to do everything in Event Orchestration that you can in Event Rules today. Event Orchestration has the same features as Event Rules and it uses the same backend architecture, ensuring that event processing has billions-of-events-worth of testing already baked in.

(Featured above: PagerDuty Event Orchestration)

V1/V2 Webhooks

If you are currently using V1/V2 webhook extensions in your PagerDuty environment, you need to migrate them to V3 webhook subscriptions to maintain functionality.

Please follow our migration guide.

Important Dates:

  • V1 Webhooks – V1 webhook extensions became unsupported (no new features or bug fixes) since November 13, 2021 and will stop working in October, 2022.
  • V2 Webhooks – V2 webhook extensions will be unsupported in October, 2022 and will stop working in March, 2023.

Required Permissions:

  • Admins or Account Owners can migrate an entire account.
  • Team Managers can only migrate webhooks for their assigned Teams.

What are Webhooks? Webhooks allow you to receive HTTP callbacks when significant events happen in your PagerDuty account, for example, when an incident triggers, escalates, or resolves. Details about the event are sent to your specified URL, such as Slack or your own custom PagerDuty webhook processor.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your PagerDuty contact or our support team at support@pagerduty.com.

Learn more about webhooks.

Webinars & Events

Join us for the following webinars and events to learn more about PagerDuty’s recent product updates and how they benefit customers. These are just a few of many:


PagerDuty Summit 2022 (On Demand)

What's New in PagerDuty and PagerDuty Product Updates : PagerDuty Summit

Missed us at PagerDuty Summit this year? Summit talks are now available on demand so you can catch our newest demos, technical sessions, and keynotes from executives and industry leaders anytime!

Watch Summit 2022 on demand

Accelerating Incident Resolution with PagerDuty through Automated Diagnostics for AWS
Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 — 7:00 AM PDT
Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 — 10:00 AM PDT
Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 — 5:00 PM PDT

Join Jake Cohen and Greg Chase from PagerDuty as they discuss how PagerDuty’s:

  • Event Intelligence can help reduce noise and drive to next best action for fewer incidents and faster resolution
  • Automated Diagnostics help jumpstart time to triage and accelerate root cause analysis

Register Today!

Customer Service Operations: The Proactive Approach with Zendesk
Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 10 AM PDT

Join Kat Gaines and Carrie Lacina  to learn how to:

  • Leverage machine learning to inform customers before they know about a problem, with information on what to expect next and provide differentiated responses for VIP customers
  • Use Automation Actions in Zendesk to validate customer problems and capture critical information via automation to diagnose and resolve cases faster
  • Drive loyalty, improve CSAT, and exceed customer SLAs by resolving issues before they impact the business

Register today!

Harness the Power of Automation-First AIOps to Improve MTTR
Thursday, Sep 22, 2022 10:00 AM PDT

Join Heath Newburn from PagerDuty as he walks you through:

  • Common problems enterprises are looking to AIOps to solve
  • Key criteria to consider when evaluating solutions to get value quickly
  • How PagerDuty’s automation-first, people-centric approach to AIOps enables machines and people to do what they do best

Register today!

Register for upcoming events in September here!

PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream

Join us on our Twitch channels, PagerDuty Twitch Stream and PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream, to catch up on one of our latest streams led by our Developer Advocates! Catch our past streams via the YouTube Twitch Streams Channel.

PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream

If your team could benefit from any of these enhancements, be sure to contact your account manager and sign up for a 14-day free trial.