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What’s New: Updates to Mobile, PagerDuty® Process Automation Software & PagerDuty® Runbook Automation, and More!

by Vera Chan September 29, 2022 | 6 min read

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Recent development and app updates from the product team include Incident Response, PagerDuty® Process Automation, as well as Community & Advocacy Events updates. We continue to help customers automate everywhere to optimize cloud operations and reduce the amount of issues escalated to other teams. Get started now and learn about:

PagerDuty Mobile App

New! Create and Manage Maintenance Windows Through the PagerDuty Mobile App

The Maintenance Windows feature for the PagerDuty mobile app is generally available (as of September 15th, 2022). Maintenance windows help responders temporarily disable a service, including all of its integrations, while it is in maintenance mode. When a service is in the maintenance window, all the service integrations are effectively “switched off” so that no new incidents will trigger. Now, users away from their desk or office have the flexibility to create, update, and delete maintenance windows through the PagerDuty mobile app.

(Featured above: Active Maintenance Windows on Mobile)

(Featured above: Maintenance Windows on Mobile Create and Schedule Maintenance Window)

PagerDuty® Process Automation

PagerDuty® Process Automation Software and PagerDuty® Runbook Automation Version 4.6.0

Check out the new features and enhancements for PagerDuty®  Process Automation (formerly Rundeck Enterprise), PagerDuty® Runbook Automation and Rundeck Community in this release, including: 

  • Enhancements to the Amazon ECS node source plugin. Users can now integrate with multiple clusters in a given region, making it easier to manage ECS Tasks across larger environments

  • A number of important security and compliance updates, and bug fixes

Learn more:

Product Deprecations

Please take note and keep your teams informed of our upcoming product deprecations.

V1/V2 Webhooks EOL

The End of Life date for v1 Webhooks is 10/31/2022. This means:

  • You will no longer be able to create new v1 Webhooks or use existing connections to v1 Webhook extensions
  • Apps or integrations that are using v1 Webhooks will stop working

For more details and steps to migrate to v3 Webhooks, please refer to this migration guide.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to support@pagerduty.com.

Important Dates:

  • V2 Webhooks – V2 webhook extensions will be unsupported in October, 2022.

Required Permissions:

  • Admins or Account Owners can migrate an entire account
  • Team Managers can only migrate webhooks for their assigned Teams

If you have any questions, please reach out to your PagerDuty contact or our support team at support@pagerduty.com.

Event Rules EOL & Migration to Event Orchestration

PagerDuty Event Rules End-Of-Life is January 31, 2023. You can:

  • Learn more about the migration in the knowledge base
  • Learn more about Event Orchestration
  • Contact your account managerWe have plenty of migration paths to support this EOL. Additionally on the EOL date, we will auto-migrate any remaining event rules you are using to Event Orchestrations, one-to-one. From then on, you’ll be able to do everything in Event Orchestration that you can in Event Rules today. Event Orchestration has the same features as Event Rules and it uses the same backend architecture, ensuring that event processing has billions-of-events-worth of testing already baked in.

Webinars & Events

Join us for the following webinars and events to learn more about PagerDuty’s recent product updates and how they benefit customers. These are just a few of many:


Cloud Ready: Accelerate Your Modernization Journey in the Cloud with PagerDuty and AWS

Join Inga Weizman and Mandi Walls as they walk you through how PagerDuty’s industry-leading AWS integrations are built to help organizations using AWS and PagerDuty to automate incident response and speed up cloud adoption while also minimizing downtime and impact to customers. They’ll cover how PagerDuty helps organizations:

  • Reduce downtime and customer impact with service ownership while enabling teams to drive continuous improvement and innovation
  • Modernize and optimize your operations with a set of enterprise-grade AWS integrations
  • Automate incident response with PagerDuty’s Runbook Automation and newest set of AWS plugins and prebuilt jobs that make it easier to get up and running with auto-diagnostics

Register today!

Improve Efficiency of Incident Response with Automated Diagnostics for AWS in PagerDuty

Join Greg Chase, Sebastian Joseph, and John Kiefer from PagerDuty as they discuss how PagerDuty Automated Diagnostics for AWS can help customers quickly triage problems in AWS environments. You’ll see:

  • How first responders can diagnose problems in AWS like senior engineers
  • How to use prebuilt diagnostics for AWS services available for PagerDuty
  • How your senior engineers can create new diagnostics for first responders
  • Demos of how all of the above works

Register Today!

Customer Service Operations: The Proactive Approach with Zendesk

Join Kat Gaines and Carrie Lacina as they showcase how PagerDuty for Customer Service Operations and Zendesk empower customer service teams to resolve issues faster to get ahead of customer-impacting incidents. Join to learn:

  • How to leverage machine learning to inform customers before they know about a problem, with information on what to expect next and provide differentiated responses for VIP customers
  • The benefits of using PagerDuty Automation Actions in Zendesk to validate customer problems and capture critical information via automation to diagnose and resolve cases faster
  • How PagerDuty and Zendesk customers drive loyalty, improve CSAT, and exceed customer SLAs by resolving issues before they impact business

      Register today!

Register for upcoming events in October here!

PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream

Join us on our Twitch channels, PagerDuty Twitch Stream and PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream, to catch up on one of our latest streams led by our Developer Advocates! Catch our past streams via the YouTube Twitch Streams Channel.

PagerDuty Community Twitch Stream

If your team could benefit from any of these enhancements, be sure to contact your account manager and sign up for a 14-day free trial.