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August 2019 Release Overview: New Mobile Features, Enhanced Security and Analytics, and Amazon EventBridge Integration

by Adam Keller August 29, 2019 | 4 min read

PagerDuty is proud to announce our latest release, which provides a new set of product capabilities and enhancements that further enable you and your teams to securely work in real time—anytime and from anywhere.

With this release, we continue to respond to our customers’ needs to build a better platform to help them best manage their digital operations. Enhancements include new innovations for our mobile app and increased platform security by adding email domain restrictions. We also made our analytics scorecard capabilities more flexible and added a new partner ecosystem integration with Amazon EventBridge.

Mobile Platform

Longer Snooze (iOS)

We know that not all incidents can be resolved within 24 hours, so we’ve added an option for user to snooze alerts for more than 24 hours, providing more flexibility for managing alerts during off-hours. Longer snooze is available now in our iOS app and will be coming soon to Android.


Configuration Warnings

Users can now find best practices in the Settings menu that will help them optimize the setup of their PagerDuty instance. Tap on the warnings to update contact methods and notification rules. For example, if a user forgot to add contact methods such as SMS or email, a warning will pop up recommending that contact methods be added.

Status Updates for Business Services

We recently launched the PagerDuty Solution for Business Response, which is built on top of Modern Incident Response. The new solution includes an updated Status Dashboard that provides business stakeholders with clear and concise information so that teams can better collaborate and orchestrate real-time business and technical response when incidents happen.

Users can now assign priority levels to incidents and associate them with business services right from the mobile app. This update allows technical responders to notify business subscribers and ensures the information appears in the right place on the Status Dashboard.


iPad Layout Improvements

New iPad specific layouts make better use of the bigger screens, and users can tap an incident to view more details. There is also support for split screen, which allows users to use the PagerDuty app alongside other apps like Calendar, Slack, and more.


Enhanced Platform Security With Email Domain Restriction

We’re adding another layer of security for our customers with email domain restrictions, which ensures that only users with authorized email domains have access to PageDuty sessions. Admins and account owners can now choose to restrict users to only use domains that are in their Email Domain Allow List when users create or change their login information or contact email addresses.


New Analytics Scorecard Search and Subscribe/Unsubscribe Features

The new Analytics scorecard search allows users to quickly find specific scorecards from a list of available scorecards by searching for a team name or custom scorecard name. Previously, users had to visually scan lists of scorecards to find the one they wanted—a time-consuming and frustrating task, particularly for users that are on many teams, leaders that have subscribed to many scorecards, or larger organizations.

Users can also now subscribe/unsubscribe to scorecards, which allows them to see the operational metrics of any team, even if they aren’t on the team. By adding the subscribe/unsubscribe feature, users can decide what scorecards show up in their UI, providing them with a customized and less-cluttered user experience—they see only what they want to see. For example, managers of managers and executives can subscribe to see the data they care about without having to join the various team groups.

Partner Ecosystem Integration: Amazon EventBridge

The PagerDuty + Amazon EventBridge integration allows teams to easily create event-driven workflows that connect native AWS services with PagerDuty. With Amazon EventBridge, PagerDuty customers are able to leverage the full breadth of AWS-supported integrations and functionality.

“AWS EventBridge, combined with PagerDuty, helps us generate event-driven workflows in real time,” said Ed Kozlowski, Lead Software Engineer at Cox Automotive. “When we detect an issue, PagerDuty can generate an alert that triggers an AWS Lambda function to grab runbooks and post details back into PagerDuty, helping us resolve issues faster and create the best experience for our customers.”

If you’re interested in getting started with the new capabilities from this August release, reach out to your account representative and check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

Want to see these new enhancements in action? Then join us at PagerDuty Summit 2019, our annual global user conference happening September 23-25 in San Francisco. For more information and to register, please reach out to your account representative or visit https://summit.pagerduty.com.