Commitment to DevOps Excellence: PagerDuty Joins AWS DevOps Competency Program

by Jose Mora December 15, 2016 | 2 min read

aws-devops-competencyIt was great to spend time with our community of hundreds of first responders, incident commanders, developers, and NOC managers at AWS re:Invent.  Many of the organizations I spoke with told me they rely on Amazon CloudWatch to monitor critical metrics across their cloud infrastructure and continue to look for solutions to improve and optimize their DevOps practices. As digital channels proliferate, managing customer experiences across the cloud becomes increasingly important.

We’re pleased to be one of the first companies named in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Program category for Monitoring, Logging, and Performance. This program recognizes partners who provide solutions that help businesses implement continuous integration and delivery development while helping them automate infrastructure provisioning and management on AWS.

Today, organizations like Yelp, Panasonic, and AirBnB are realizing the value of the AWS CloudWatch integration from PagerDuty and its positive impact on their DevOps initiatives. Our recent announcement of the PagerDuty Operations Command Console and Infrastructure Health Application — which provides a unified view of application, service and infrastructure health, and the orchestration of incident response workflows — expands our capability to further support the DevOps practices required in a digital era.

The induction into the AWS DevOps Competency Program along with our new products reinforces our commitment to help our customers achieve the required operational efficiency to proactively manage incidents with a new level of visibility and insight.  I encourage you to learn more about the about how PagerDuty works with AWS and how it can support you on your DevOps journey.  

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