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Get a Professional Certificate in DevOps From PagerDuty and LinkedIn Learning

DevOps engineers play a crucial role in helping companies streamline software development and delivery, leading to higher efficiency and faster innovation.

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with LinkedIn Learning to offer a professional certificate in DevOps. Whether you’re new to the field or want to show your skills, a professional certificate is a great way to validate your experience.

The DevOps Professional Certificate by PagerDuty and LinkedIn includes 3 courses designed to provide a foundational understanding of DevOps – from DevOps as a culture to overviews of continuous delivery, continuous improvement, and infrastructure automation. Within LinkedIn Learning, you’ll also have access to PagerDuty University’s library of tutorials and on-demand courses to grow your skills further.

Once you’ve successfully completed a skills-based assessment, you’ll receive a DevOps Professional Certificate by PagerDuty and LinkedIn credential that can be added to the “Licenses & certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile.

DevOps Certificate from PagerDuty and LinkedIn Learning

Continue your education at PagerDuty University

After you’ve received your Professional Certificate, we encourage you to expand your knowledge with PagerDuty University. PDU offers a wide-range of product and thought-leadership on-demand courses, instructor-led training classes, and certifications that help you develop and showcase valuable professional skills. 

For more information, visit the PagerDuty University website.