Reach Any Responder Immediately with Live Call Routing

by David Hayes September 14, 2016 | 3 min read

PagerDuty has been the leader in getting the right people involved and collaborating on an incident — whether it’s through chat tools like Slack, ITSM tools like ServiceNow, mobilizing a response from within PagerDuty or sharing a bridge.

Starting today, with Live Call Routing calls and voicemails can get routed to any responder, taking advantage of your team’s existing schedules, escalation policies, and up-to-date and customized contact methods. Callers — whether they be internal users or customers trying to reach your support team to report an issue — can immediately reach your team in two simple ways:

Connect Directly

They can be connected directly to the on-call responders. Their call gets escalated automatically through the escalation policy attached to the service, ensuring they’ll be able to reach someone in real-time.

  • Callers can be connected directly to the on-call engineer in your PagerDuty schedule after hearing a custom message.
  • Phone calls automatically escalate through the escalation policy every 15 seconds if no one answers.  
  • Callers can also reach specific teams simply by dialing an extension (Press “1” for WebOps team, press “2” for Support, etc.).

Leave a Message

They can leave a message that gets automatically generated into a PagerDuty incident with the actual voicemail appended. This makes it easier than ever for individuals to reach your on-call teams with critical, customer-impacting issues.

  • Incidents with recorded messages are handled in the exact same way as all your incidents for that service, that is, they are also routed into the same Slack channels, ServiceNow tickets and custom apps, etc. with a link to the MP3 in tow

We’re very excited about today’s launch as we’ve already seen Live Call Routing significantly reduce both mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) for many customers.  

With Live Call Routing, you can now:

  • Offer a direct line to your highest value customers that enables them to connect directly to PagerDuty’s on-call staff, self-service.
  • Build a 24/7 customer support line where PagerDuty records messages and automatically pages the on-call support.
  • Get visibility on issues that have been detected manually, alongside those detected by your monitoring tools.
  • Support your remote or offshore teams with international numbers, so callers in the UK, Japan, France and other countries can reach you by dialing a local number.


Most exciting of all is the fact that we’ve built Live Call Routing as the first pure platform extension. As we extend our platform, you as well as your partners will be able to build more sophisticated workflow extensions inside your PagerDuty response flow, to continuously optimize your incident response. This, alongside the ability to create your own integrations with the Custom Event Transformer, puts PagerDuty at the center of your operations workflow and all your tools — custom or otherwise.

Thanks to everyone who gave great feedback during our beta so that PagerDuty can continue to be your fastest path to incident resolution.

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