5 Things You Need in a Digital Operations Management Platform

by Mark Gabbard June 22, 2018 | 4 min read

It’s pretty well known that we live in a connected, always-on world where seconds matter when it comes to customer happiness. There are smaller incident management solution providers that offer what looks to be competitive pricing—but it’s important to consider the bigger picture outside basic alerting and incident response.

Accepting this new reality means overcoming some challenges. There’s a need to have a digital operations management platform that addresses operational pain—but the platform also should set up teams and larger organizations with the ability to proactively take advantage of opportunities to deliver innovation and delight your customers as opposed to simply reacting to incidents.

However, the question any organization looking to address issues in real time in a world where teams are drowning in digital signals is: What’s available right now to help? And what’s available right now that can help as I grow?

1. DevOps Orientation

At organizations large and small, adopting and scaling DevOps practices is needed to enable true collaboration, continuous delivery, and better security, among other benefits. PagerDuty has strong leadership, mindshare, and customer passion in the DevOps community—and we incorporate those factors into our thinking, our best practices, and how we build our products. Many companies are mainly focused on SysAdmins and ITOps. PagerDuty continues to build our DevOps leadership and nurture teams to better respond to operational issues and opportunities.

2. Scalability Is Critical

Scalability as you grow should be top of mind when talking about DevOps and ITOps. PagerDuty’s Modern Incident Response is about real-time work and orchestration across complex teams and organizations, and provides end-to-end response automation and seamless integration with DevOps, ITOps, ChatOps, and ITSM toolchains.

3. It’s All About Open Architecture

A platform that has open APIs and is agnostic when it comes to integrations has the ability to complement any technology. Need to integrate with Splunk? Or AWS? Or ServiceNow? With 300+ integrations and workflow extensions, PagerDuty’s extensible, market-leading platform is a vibrant ecosystem that offers a variety of benefits so organizations can provide their customers best-in-class experiences. Open operability has always been our mantra from day one, and we continue to invest in the integrations that mean the most to our customers—regardless of competitive pressures or market consolidation.

4. On-Premise to Cloud ≠ Cloud Native

Cloud-native platforms that are built that way from the very beginning provide the ability to innovate at a much faster pace—and that’s what we do best at PagerDuty. A true cloud-native solution allows customers to take advantage of features as they are released and enables organizations to share critical data across their ecosystem to ensure deep understanding of their responders, teams, and services, as well as how their operations health compares to industry benchmarks and best practices. Beware of solutions that are delivered in the cloud as a managed service where feature adoption can be slow and costly as your team deals with system requirements, upgrade paths, and support patches.

5. AIOps: It’s Here

We also spend a lot of time talking to our customers, who drive our product feature sets, integrations, and roadmap, which helps us improve over time. We found incredible value in combining raw data with machine learning and responder data. More importantly, we found this combination helps solve a huge issue facing technology teams—the avalanche of digital noise. At PagerDuty, we have combined over 9 years of data from more than 10,000 customers to create a new offering: Event Intelligence. Event Intelligence is the first solution ever to use data science and human response behavior to cut through the noise and provide immediate context help speed incident resolution. Customers who signed up for this feature have seen overall noise reduction of 98 percent as signals are filtered, suppressed, and intelligently correlated.

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Digital operations management solutions, which help businesses ensure customer satisfaction, have been in the news recently. However, not all are created equal. PagerDuty has strong leadership, mindshare, and customer passion in the DevOps community—and we’re just getting started. More and more organizations, including Fortune 500 companies like IBM, GE, CapitalOne, and eBay, continue to choose PagerDuty.

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