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Announcing the 2017 PagerDuty Customer and Partner Awards

Do you have what it takes to win the PagerDuty Digital Operations Excellence awards? PagerDuty is excited to recognize the achievements of the most successful organizations with these awards at PagerDuty Summit 2017.

These awards are presented to acknowledge PagerDuty customers and partners who have implemented an innovative and transformative approach to digital operations management within their organizations. We want to recognize and thank you for being such a great and loyal PagerDuty advocates! This year we are expanding our awards program to honor the growing value, programs, and new use cases that have continued to germinate across our customer and partner organizations. Interested in hearing more about what these awards entail, please read on.

Customer Awards Categories

Scaling Digital Operations Management

The Scaling Digital Operations Management Award is given to an enterprise customer who uses PagerDuty to effectively align and engage the critical workforce across multiple organizations and functions at scale.

Innovation Awards

The Innovation Award will honor the most creative and forward-thinking use cases with the PagerDuty Digital Operations Management platform. The winner of this award will showcase how their organization has applied unique approaches to incident management.

Transformation Awards

The Transformation Award will recognize the organization that has been in the forefront of digital transformation and has evolved their practices and policies to improve operational performance and customer experience.

Best Security Incident Response

The Security Incident Response Award is given to the customer whose team has effectively leveraged PagerDuty to gain critical insight into security related touch points across the organization and rapidly deliver action when security incidents and risks have been identified.

Best Customer Support Use Case

The Customer Support Use Case Award is given to the customer whose team has shown significant improvement in mitigating and resolving customer-facing issues, to provide a seamless and positive experience. Customers who have used PagerDuty to deliver on customer support SLAs, providing 24×7 support and consistent service will be recognized.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Award is given to the customer who uses PagerDuty to ensure a seamless, omnichannel digital experience in order to provide world-class customer experience that impacts revenue and brand equity.

Kick Start

The Kick Start Award is given to a start-up customer who has integrated PagerDuty to kick start their path to digital operations management and excellence in customer experience through digital revenue streams.

Partner Awards Categories

Innovation Award

The Partner Innovation Award recognizes an organization within the PagerDuty partner community that has achieved and/or demonstrated excellence in delivering value to the  PagerDuty customer community. The winner of this award reflects the top-performing partner within specific technology markets (e.g. cloud migration, toolchains, security, customer support, etc) and showcases how the partner has worked with PagerDuty and our customer community to deliver innovative solutions in the area of incident management.

Transformation Award

The Partner Transformation Award will recognize an organization within the PagerDuty partner community that has been in the forefront of digital transformation and has demonstrated either by their best practices, technology, or policies to improve operational performance and the customer experience.

The Details

Deadline to Submit: Monday, July 17th

Finalists Notified: Tuesday, August 1st

  • The finalist in each category will be announced on September 7, 2017 via a post on the PagerDuty blog
  • Each award winner has the opportunity to promote the award on September 7, day of the conference via press release, blog post announcement and/or social media.

Winners will be announced on stage at PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco on September 7, 2017. Take a few minutes and share with us your innovation and transformation accomplishments. Submit your entry today.

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Updated 7/21 – Submissions are now closed.