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Optimize your incident resolution with PagerDuty’s certified ServiceNow integration

by Kristen Ribero December 16, 2015 | 4 min read

Certification for Fuji release allows customers to improve on-call productivity

If your enterprise’s IT operations team is delayed, it could mean big trouble. They perform critical services for the entire company: namely, preventing outages and managing the incident resolution process – and legacy tools and processes can’t be counted on to help your team do its best. That’s why we’re excited to announce that PagerDuty’s ServiceNow integration has been certified for use with their Fuji release. Joint customers will see dramatic improvements in their incident management processes with this modern approach to preventing downtime. The certified integration is available in the app store now.

Aggregate PagerDuty’s monitoring partners into one view

It takes longer to get back online if your team has to switch between several different systems during an outage, and every second lost wreaks havoc on your customer trust and your business. With the PagerDuty and ServiceNow certified integration, customers can still leverage ServiceNow as the single source of truth for all operational issues with our bi-directional integration. You can pull in all of PagerDuty’s 150+ monitoring tool partners to full-stack visibility. It also makes it easier to collaborate and have company-wide transparency about the state of your system, which is particularly key for teams that are transitioning to a DevOps model.

Decrease time spent on manual tasks

The integration also means less time spent on manual tasks, so your team has more time for the important stuff. Now, teams and individuals are empowered to self-serve their incident resolution needs in PagerDuty without affecting other groups, which improves the agility of the entire team.

And, with PagerDuty’s sophisticated on-call scheduling capabilities, no time is wasted on getting the right person on the job. PagerDuty stores the contact information of everyone in your organization, allowing them to be notified in the ways that make most sense for them. It also stores defined escalation paths for each team so incidents automatically get sent to the next person in line as needed.

You can import users and assignment groups from ServiceNow to PagerDuty with just one click, making onboarding and administration quick and pain-free. That frees up time for helpdesk professionals and IT admins to focus more on value-driving activities, like helping with the incident resolution process.

Drive down response times

Driving down response time is more important than ever, considering the huge cost of downtime for your business and customer trust. PagerDuty’s mobile app allows you to access your dashboard from wherever you go. Plus, you can leverage PagerDuty’s integrations with tools like Slack and HipChat for real-time collaboration during those critical incidents.

Users can choose the channel of their choice for reliable alerts – a phone call, SMS, push notification, or an email. PagerDuty uses multiple providers for each notification channel, and we track alert delivery, to ensure that no alert is ever delayed or missed. Your team can rest easy knowing that they’ll get notified no matter what: No outages will happen without their knowledge.

Get Started Now

PagerDuty helps teams deliver reliable services to their customers – this certified integration with ServiceNow is part of that story. We’re the preferred solution for engineering and DevOps team to manage and execute workflows around major incidents. We are now bringing all those capabilities to ServiceNow customers with this certified integration. ServiceNow customers can leverage PagerDuty’s simple, flexible on-call scheduling and escalation management, reliable two-way notification system and the hundreds of out of the box integrations with modern DevOps tools so that they can deliver reliable service to their customers.

Certification by ServiceNow signifies that PagerDuty has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration interoperability, security and performance. The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of PagerDuty’s Application with ServiceNow.

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Note: if you’re on the Eureka release or earlier, please refer to this integration guide.