PagerDuty at AWS re:Invent—New Tools to Power AWS and Your Cloud Migration

by Andrew Marshall November 30, 2020 | 7 min read

Leave it to Amazon Web Services to find a way to make their massive celebration of all things cloud entirely virtual, free, and even bigger. Even though we won’t be able to join you all in Las Vegas for Amazon’s celebration of all things cloud, PagerDuty is very excited to be a Gold sponsor of re:Invent again this year. Be sure to stop by our sponsor page for a product demo, the latest on our newest AWS integrations, grab your swag bag, or participate in one of our fun booth activities. Also, you won’t want to miss our customer Thomson Reuters’ breakout session, where they’ll share how they migrated to the AWS cloud with PagerDuty’s help.

AWS re:invent Thomson Reuters

I think you’ll really enjoy Paushali and Sonal’s session, especially if your organization is currently in the middle of (or plans to undertake) the cloud migration journey. We’re excited to speak with customers during re:Invent about their cloud migrations, and how PagerDuty and a full-service ownership model can help.

Cloud-Ready: PagerDuty for AWS

No matter where they are in the cloud migration journey, re:Invent gives us the opportunity to work closely with our thousands of shared customers as they add new services, regions, and workloads to their AWS ecosystem. PagerDuty’s deep partnership with AWS has always been centered on unlocking AWS’s unprecedented scale and agility for our customers, and our growing portfolio of AWS integrations reflects this. PagerDuty’s platform for real-time operations helps teams manage a complex transition from siloed and centralized approaches to multiple, distributed teams supporting a hybrid cloud infrastructure. To make this journey successful, one thing is clear: your people, technology, and operational processes need to be aligned in real time. That’s where PagerDuty can help.

thumbnail icon aws reinvent 2020People
With over 10 years of experience helping companies move to the cloud, PagerDuty is a key partner for teams navigating the new challenges and building the additional skillsets required to manage cloud environments. By breaking down silos, PagerDuty empowers teams to adopt a full-service ownership model where teams can directly manage and address the cloud-based services they build. Accountability and refined domain expertise help you drive real-time operations and a “you code it, you own it” culture. This helps teams maintain business continuity while adding the scalability, flexibility, and value of the AWS cloud.

aws reinvent 2020 thumbnail 2Technology
Concurrently managing on-prem and AWS cloud infrastructure adds new requirements for monitoring, supporting, and securing your digital business. PagerDuty helps DevOps teams maintain visibility and leverage AIOps to cut through the noise and automate key elements of your incident response. PagerDuty’s cloud-agnostic platform integrates data from across your digital services to unify an enterprise on serving its customers across hybrid services and environments. With over 350 integrations, the PagerDuty platform can ingest and and contextualize all your digital signals in real time.

aws reinvent 2020 thumbnail 3Processes
A shift to AWS and a hybrid cloud infrastructure inherently increases the complexity of your infrastructure and breadth of incidents. PagerDuty’s AIOps helps teams cut through the noise to contextualize incidents and automate remediation to support real-time operations. Arm your service teams with automated real-time response tools and only surface actionable alerts so teams can resolve issues quickly. PagerDuty provides insights and analytics so teams can proactively identify and address underlying issues.

PagerDuty, along with adopting a full-service ownership approach, helps facilitate a cloud management model where development and operations teams have complete ownership over every aspect of the services they support—from design and development, to production operations and the eventual sunsetting of their software.

New Tools for the AWS Cloud

PagerDuty is excited to announce several new AWS integrations and launch partnerships with AWS this week. These new integrations, combined with PagerDuty’s existing set of AWS integrations for CloudWatch, Personal Health Dashboard, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, EventBridge, and SecurityHub, help teams streamline their cloud migration and hybrid cloud management process. Check them out below.

New! PagerDuty for Amazon DevOps Guru

PagerDuty is excited to deepen our long partnership with Amazon Web Services by joining them as one of four launch partners for Amazon DevOps Guru. PagerDuty’s platform for real-time operations was built to ingest digital signals from across the entire enterprise, contextualize them using human and machine learning, and then arm the right responders with the right tools to act in real time. PagerDuty has deep integrations with industry-leading observability tools, so we’re excited to see AWS add this new service for cloud-native companies building AWS-based apps. Observability is becoming a business requirement for digital services built on any infrastructure. This means PagerDuty can ingest even more real-time signals to make them actionable.

PagerDuty was built to drive the move to a DevOps culture by orchestrating the entire incident response lifecycle. PagerDuty for Amazon DevOps Guru allows operations teams to improve their optics into their AWS ecosystem and AWS-based applications. Leveraging DevOps Guru’s machine learning-enabled application health information, PagerDuty provides even more real-time, signal-to-action capabilities to our AWS-using customers. Through PagerDuty’s ingestion of DevOps Guru’s Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) notifications, AWS customers can take real-time action on operational issues before they become customer-impacting outages.

Customers who use a hybrid or multi-cloud model can count on PagerDuty’s deep integrations with observability tools to give them actionable insights and the ability to drive real-time operations—no matter what combination of infrastructure they use.

New! AWS Control Tower

For many teams, the ability to get started “building” quickly is an enticing value proposition for developing applications in the AWS cloud. But what happens when multiple teams across your organization leverage AWS accounts to do this concurrently? To keep things sane, you need central governance, control, and visibility.

AWS Control Tower helps teams add guardrails to provide ongoing governance for their multi-account AWS environment—and that’s why we’re excited to announce PagerDuty for AWS Control Tower. When combined with PagerDuty, teams can extend Control Tower guardrail notifications to their existing incident management and compliance alerting process. The end result? A centralized incident management process that helps teams identify and mitigate business-impacting compliance issues, reduce risk and time to resolution, and keep systems running smoothly.

You can read more about how PagerDuty works with AWS Control Tower and AWS Marketplace to help organizations with multiple AWS accounts respond to real-time incidents across a multi-account AWS environment.

New! AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts, announced at last year’s AWS re:Invent, is a fully managed service that offers AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and other tools to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility. In short, you get AWS software and hardware in your choice of location connected seamlessly to the broader AWS cloud. Flexibility meets scalability, with true hybrid-cloud infrastructure—which is why PagerDuty is also excited to announce PagerDuty for AWS Outposts. This integration empowers teams to manage incidents in real time for AWS infrastructure used in a private data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility for real-time operations–enabled hybrid-infrastructure environments.

New! Amazon EventBridge Quick Start

PagerDuty launched our integration for Amazon EventBridge in 2019, and it has been amazing seeing what customers have used these serverless event-driven workflows to do. Now, getting started with EventBridge is even easier—introducing PagerDuty for Amazon EventBridge Quick Start. EventBridge Quick Starts help AWS users use AWS best practices to quickly get started with serverless workflows. This new integration allows us to help our customers build unique and business-critical functions for EventBridge that help them set up Lambda-driven updates to their AWS ecosystem even faster.

Join us at re:Invent!

It’s going to be an exciting three weeks! Make sure you visit our sponsor page to play games, get your digital swag bag, talk to a PagerDuty expert, and find out more about PagerDuty’s set of AWS integrations for cloud migration.