Learn Your Organization’s Potential ROI With PagerDuty by Using IDC’s Snapshot Tool

by Jerry Weltsch December 2, 2019 | 3 min read

Recently, I wrote about an IDC business value study PagerDuty commissioned and shared some of the results from the research. In summary, after in-depth interviews with eight enterprise customers, IDC applied its proven business value methodology to the aggregated results of those interviews and found that enterprise customers were averaging a three-year return-on-investment (ROI) of 731% and a payback period (break-even point) on their investment in just 4.3 months. With PagerDuty, organizations can:

  • Use machine learning and AI to reduce noise by grouping similar alerts, enabling responders to focus on what matters
  • Automate routing of incidents to the right resources at the right time
  • Gain real-time incident awareness and full context so technical responders and business stakeholders can quickly and effectively orchestrate a response
  • Leverage a robust ecosystem of partner integrations with a variety of monitoring, customer support, security, and service management tools so your responders can work in the tools they prefer
  • Evolve with intelligent after-action assessments to learn and benchmark, and improve and automate operational response

IDC also published a white paper that includes detailed results from the research and built an ROI tool, available now, that organizations can use to learn the potential ROI they can realize from using PagerDuty for digital operations management.

The tool will ask you to input a number of independent variables unique to your organization. To get started, simply provide the below information:

  • The number of employees using business applications and how fast that user base is growing annually
  • The number of business applications your organization is managing and how fast that number is growing annually
  • The number of business applications that your organization manages that were developed internally and the number that are modified/upgraded internally

Keep in mind, however, that the more detail you provide, the more accurate the ROI assessment for your organization will be. We recommend providing the following information in order to obtain the most accurate ROI calculation for your organization:

  • Number of IT infrastructure staff
  • Number of DevOps staff
  • Number of SecOps staff
  • Number of Customer Support staff
  • Number of staff handling troubleshooting
  • Number of issues per month requiring troubleshooting
  • Typical time (in hours) to troubleshoot and resolve an issue
  • Number of major unplanned downtime incidents handled per month
  • Mean-time-to-resolution (in hours) for each downtime incident
  • Percentage of downtime incidents impacting revenue
  • Average revenue loss per downtime incident

After all the information is input into the tool, IDC will email you a customized version of its Business Value Snapshot personalized with your organization’s digital operations management profile.

Interested in learning more?  Start your free digital operations management ROI assessment or read the full white paper.