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Dedicated Incident Channel Improvements for Slack on Webhooks V3 – Early Access

Today, we are excited to open Early Access for our improved Dedicated Incident Slack Channel. These improvements include:

  • Viewing all incident details, history, and updates
  • Performing all incident actions
  • Adding all responders to the channel
  • Posting or creating a dedicated zoom conference bridge

In order to take advantage of this feature you need to upgrade to Slack on WebHooks V3 and request Early Access from PagerDuty support.  Once you are on the right version and have early access, there are two ways to create a dedicated incident channel:

1. In Slack

From the Slack incident Notification, Use the ‘View|Create Channel’ to create a new dedicated incident channel with the default naming schema. If the channel already exists, a                    message with channel hashtag will be posted.



2. Via PagerDuty Web 

On the Incident Page, use “Set the Channel” to configure the channel. While in Early Access, you will see the ‘BETA’ tag.



Users can then select an existing channel or create a new Slack channel:



If a new channel is created, the user can accept the default name or assign a new one. The channel can be set as public or private.

Note: If multiple Slack workspaces are connected to the PagerDuty account, the user can select the desired workspace for channel connection.

Once created this is what you will see on the PagerDuty web UI and Slack:



We expect that you will take advantage of this new feature and look forward to your feedback.

What’s Next?

We aim to have this functionality live for all customers using Slack on Webhooks V3 next month.

We are also working to enhance this functionality by streamlining and automating the channel creation.