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Benefits With PagerDuty

  • Single system of record for incidents
  • Drives ownership throughout engineering
  • Proactive infrastructure improvements

With PagerDuty, Reaches Millions of Young Coders

The vision is simple: every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Launched in 2013, is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Their most well-known initiative is the Hour of Code, a global movement of one-hour coding tutorials reaching students in 180+ countries.

Last December, to celebrate Computer Science Education Week, tens of millions of people, even President Obama, sat down to write code. As prepares for unprecidented traffic during this year’s Hour of Code event, PagerDuty is enhancing the robustness and agility of their ops system and team to help reach more people than ever.

Learning to Share the Load

All of’s infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services, and they mostly rely on New Relic, HoneyBadger and Pingdom in addition to manual scripts for monitoring. Before joining PagerDuty, however, there was just one ops person in place to triage problems. They didn’t have a clear triage process or a single system of record, and that made it hard to delegate responsibility for issue resolution. The personal responsibility the one person took for getting things fixed was heroic, but a man can only go so long without sleep.

A few engineers on the team had used PagerDuty at a previous company, and they saw that it offered the solutions they were looking for. Partnering with PagerDuty allowed’s nimble team of engineers to switch to a more distributed model – named ‘dev-of-the-day’, with each person taking a turn handling the ops issues of the day. Now, says Will Jordan, a software engineer at, the team has established a flexible yet reliable process for spreading the on-call workload.

“PagerDuty has the capabilities we need to let everyone on the team take ownership of the issues we encounter. It’s been a perfect fit.”

High Volume? No Problem.

With PagerDuty, now has a well-defined process in place for scheduling the dev of the day and triaging issues efficiently. By proactively improving ops performance, PagerDuty has given’s engineers the extra time and focus to gear up for their biggest Hour of Code event yet. They’re launching new servers into rotation and are implementing and testing a steady stream of infrastructure changes as this December approaches.

“PagerDuty gives us the chance to get ahead of the game so that when our site traffic goes through the roof, we know we’re ready.”

When December comes and the Hour of Code event is in full swing, will have the agililty to respond as issues arise. PagerDuty’s escalation policies and urgency settings make it clear where the priorities are while driving individual ownership, all of which means faster and more efficient incident resolution. has engineers in Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago, and when an incident calls for a cross-team solution, says Jordan, PagerDuty and HipChat empower real-time remote collaboration.

“There’s great peace of mind in knowing that PagerDuty has us all on the same page and working as one team.”

PagerDuty believes in’s mission to bring computer science to a new generation of coders and engineers. We’re proud to have put a robust operations process and agile response system in place so that can make this year’s Hour of Code event the biggest and most inspiring one yet.

“There’s great peace of mind in knowing that PagerDuty has us all on the same page and working as one team.”

Will Jordan, Software Engineer