PagerDuty: The Year in Review

by Rachel Obstler October 18, 2018 | 3 min read

We just held our annual conference, PagerDuty Summit 2018, where we shared new product announcements and demoed new capabilities. But while we always have big things that our engineering teams have produced to announce at Summit, there’s also a lot of work that happens throughout the year across our platform—and we just didn’t have time to demo it all.

But we did string together many of the features and capabilities we launched in the past year in a short form verse, which we shared at Summit. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the conference, here it is (and hope to see you next year)!

Our Event Intelligence product
Helps responders to focus.
It’s applied machine learning,
Not some hocus pocus.

It makes use of your actions
From your past response.
So if you’re an existing customer
You’ll see benefit at once.

And if you’re trying to route
Alerts to the right teams,
Our new alert rules engine
Will automate those streams.

And these rules can run response plays
That automate response actions.
They add responders and send updates
With no human interaction.

Still sometimes you get awoken
By alerts that are a-flapping,
Our new threshold alerting
Means we won’t disrupt your napping.

Integrations: our count
Is now over 15 score.
But there are always new tools
So we’ll keep adding more.

Like with Azure’s new metrics,
We’re adding alert types to the group.
And with VSTS, (I mean Azure DevOps)
We close the DevOps loop.

And with other oft-used tools,
We’re going deeper, too.
With updates for Splunk
And a Jira Version 2

And ServiceNow’s on V5
With priority syncing for starters.
We sync so well together
We’re now a Gold partner.

ServiceNow security and change items
Are also now supported,
And with our new one-click setup
Teams and schedules are ported.

The breadth and depth of our ecosystem
Insures your investment tenfold
Like with AWS Cloudwatch and Marketplace
Where we are now sold.

With our mobile app, now
You can make priority switches
To declare an incident major,
Add responders, and join bridges.

So if something goes wrong
When you aren’t at home,
You can incident command
All from your phone.

And if you are in your chat tool
Working fast while the world’s ablaze,
Our new APIs let you send
Stakeholder updates and run plays.

And as your growth company
Adds employees apace,
Our team hierarchy feature
Will keep them organized in place.

Now before we close,
We would like to thank
All who gave product feedback
Even when it was quite frank.

If you have more, please do share
We at PagerDuty are all ears
Thank you for being our customers,
Now on to innovating for the next year!