PagerDuty & SaaStr C-Level Diversity Awards

by Kim Gengler January 19, 2018 | 4 min read

Announcing the First Inclusion for Impact Awards From PagerDuty, Crunchbase, and SaaStr

In 2017, we saw an unprecedented movement within the technology industry to acknowledge and address the diversity and inclusion issues that have too long been the norm. In an effort to celebrate those taking action, PagerDuty is joining forces with Crunchbase and SaaStr to identify and applaud women executives in various technology business roles. These women have excelled in both leadership and performance in their respective spheres of influence. The first Inclusion for Impact Awards will incentivize companies to recognize people and behaviors that affect tech positively. Our goal is to find the people who made the biggest difference in 2017—the leaders, movement starters, thought leaders, and negotiators who have been the most productive and innovative in bringing about positive diversity change.

How the Inclusion for Impact Awards Work

Partnering with Crunchbase and SaaStr, PagerDuty will identify and celebrate the people in tech and business that made the biggest impact in diversity in 2017. We will leverage the data collected by Crunchbase and work with a selection committee to determine the most influential inclusion leaders in four categories:

The Change Agent

This award recognizes a leader who has driven tangible change in all aspects of diversity and equality for their company and beyond in 2017. This includes spearheading cultural programs and hiring initiatives that foster an inclusive environment, as well as driving meaningful conversations and impact in the broader technology community. The selection committee will consider the nominees’ trailblazing efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Creation and promotion of a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Demonstrated improvement in organization’s diversity numbers
  • Commitment to broader technology community change through participation in industry initiatives

The Influencer

This award recognizes the leader who has achieved business success while serving as a positive influence in their professional community. Most notably, this leader clearly demonstrates the ability to achieve their goals, advance their careers, and use creativity to solve problems, all while maintaining ethical standards. The selection committee will consider the nominees’ trailblazing efforts in the following areas:

  • Service as a mentor or trusted advisor to colleagues and others
  • Demonstrated commitment to the highest ethical standards
  • Contributions and leadership within the technology community

The Fearless Female Founder

This award recognizes a female founder who has overcome adversity to achieve major milestones for their company. Building a successful tech company from the ground up is a massive undertaking—but doing this as a female founder means added hurdles. Data from Crunchbase reveals that the percentage of female founders / CEOs who are able to raise funding drops off significantly after the seed stage. The selection committee will consider the nominees’ trailblazing efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Development of an entrepreneurial business environment that challenges the status quo
  • Achievement of significant business milestones in funding and revenue growth
  • Significant product innovation and customer adoption

The Inclusion Innovators

Many organizations claim to value diversity and inclusivity, but fail to put their money where their mouths are. This award recognizes the company that has demonstrated a true commitment to inclusion through clear action and tangible results. The organization that wins this category will have successfully connected with employees to create an environment that values diversity, and displayed a commitment to inclusion through hiring practices and cultural initiatives. The selection committee will consider the nominees’ trailblazing efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Leadership development training and advancement opportunities
  • Hiring practices that encourage diversity
  • Commitment to charitable causes and providing support and resources for underrepresented groups

The winners will be announced and celebrated at the exclusive SaaStr 2017 Diversity Party on February 6, 2018. They will also have $500 donated to an organization of their choice in their names. The reception will honor the winners’ journeys, as well as provide a unique networking opportunity for leaders to share best practices and make new connections for change.