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10 IT Ops Events You Can’t Miss in 2016

Want to know the 10 IT Ops events you should be attending in 2016? Check our our list of can’t-miss events.

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Quick Tips: How to Post Mortem Every Incident

The Case for Post Morteming Every Incident A post mortem is a process for investigating an incident to figure out what went wrong and what…

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Optimize your incident resolution with PagerDuty’s certified ServiceNow integration

Certification for Fuji release allows customers to improve on-call productivity If your enterprise’s IT operations team is delayed, it could mean big trouble. They perform…

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3 Steps for Handling Failure with a DevOps Mindset

Many DevOps companies embrace risk, but fear of failing is hard-wired into most of us. Here are 3 ways to handle an emotional reaction to failure.

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The Top 5 APM Tools

What are the top APM tools, and how can you leverage them to be even better? Click to learn more about how to never miss an alert and get analytics to see the full picture of the health of your product.

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Communicate Better with Moxtra and PagerDuty

When you connect Moxtra to PagerDuty, you give your team a space where PagerDuty alerts can be seen by your entire team, and you can easily bring in outside parties to discuss and resolve the incident.

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Incident Response Matters: When Monitoring Isn't Enough

85% of teams report missing a critical incident, even though 91% of teams use at least 2 monitoring tools. Uptime isn’t just about monitoring; it’s about optimizing your team’s incident response.

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Cassandra Load Disparities with WAN-based Quorum Reads

Here at PagerDuty, we face some interesting architectural challenges in order to guarantee alert delivery and provide our customers with the highest level of reliability…

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What's the Point of "Women in Tech" Events?

I am not always a fan of “Women in Tech” events. So imagine my surprise to find myself spearheading a Women’s Leadership Circle here at PagerDuty. How do women-focused career events actually help?

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The DevOps Democracy

Democracy: the great experiment. The voice of the people leading. The end of rigid and overbearing hierarchies. These principles have been with us for over two centuries in government, but many business models still look like the British Empire. As the pace of development continues to scale and customers come to expect real-time response to their concerns, businesses with complex IT departments are transitioning to a DevOps model that gives them the agility to stay up and responsive to the voice of the people. Here we explore how fostering a DevOps culture can build a more democratic workplace and customer experience.

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Event Enrichment Platform (EEP) Joins PagerDuty to Cut Alert Fatigue

Operations teams are receiving more telemetry data from monitoring systems than ever before. But they are struggling to sift through this data to find what really matters – resulting in alert fatigue and missed alerts. For this reason, we’re proud to announce that long-time partner Event Enrichment HQ is joining the PagerDuty family to deliver the industry’s first integrated event management and incident resolution platform. Adding Event Enrichment HQ and its keystone product, the Event Enrichment Platform (EEP), to PagerDuty helps you quiet your noisy monitoring systems, reduce alert fatigue, and slash your incident resolution times.

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Easy Salesforce Deployments Using Slack and GitHub

Deploying in Salesforce requires a lot of steps. Each one must be performed manually and the entire process is prone to error. If you want to deploy to multiple environments then you have to repeat this entire process for each one. I wanted to use the same deployment system that we use for everything else at PagerDuty: n in-house deployment system named Igor controlled through our Lita bot called OfficerURL (URL for short), which allows us to deploy with a single command in Slack.

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Four Things We Learned about DevOps in London

Today’s customer expects everything to be fast and always on, so uptime is crucial. This creates an entirely new set of business challenges for organisations with complex IT departments and a need for more agile IT Ops. We reviewed the top trends we are learning from customers on the road and what you need to consider when transitioning from a more traditional IT organisation.

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Five Ways to Create a Data-Driven Culture

No one should need to be convinced the value of good data. It gives you the confidence to make decisions quickly and with less risk, it allows you to measure your success, and it lets you know when you need to adjust your course. But there’s a difference between knowing the value of data, and creating a culture around it. A data-driven culture is a culture where everyone quantifies their actions as much as possible, and asks themselves how their teams are having a tangible impact on the business. It turns your entire organization into a squad of analysts. But fostering a data-driven culture isn’t always easy. Here are five steps that will help you get there.

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Give Silent Failures a Voice with Dead Man’s Snitch and PagerDuty

Don’t let the hardboiled-sounding name of our latest integration scare you off, because this monitoring service is a great way to get notified when one of your mission-critical scheduled tasks suddenly sleeps with the fishes. Dead Man’s Snitch is an uptime-monitor for cron or periodic jobs like backups or batch processing, and it alerts you when your jobs don’t run so you can investigate before it becomes a problem.

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You Voted: Announcing the Winner of Our Alert Sound Contest #pickyourpage

After getting our exciting entries from you guys and narrowing it down to five stellar finalists, you guys all helped #pickyourpage and now, we have our alert sound contest winner.

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Voting Starts Now! Click Through to #pickyourpage

The submissions are in! Now it’s time to vote on what custom alert sound will make the cut and become the newest PagerDuty alert, available in the November 2015 release for selection from the PagerDuty app.

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Up Your Coaching Game with User Reporting

Introducing User Reporting, the latest addition to PagerDuty’s Advanced Analytics suite. User Reporting helps managers and teams understand how individual team members are responding to incidents. Now managers can see how many incidents each responder has received, acknowledged, reassigned, or moved up the chain of command due to non-acknowledgement. With this information, managers can work with their teams to make sure every team member is in the right position and that workload is spread properly across the team.

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